Why do people like to play games?

Why do people like to play games?
Why do people like to play games?

One question we should think about is, why do people play games app? Why are you willing to play computer games instead of participating in sports or going to the movies? Compared with human pursuit of other entertainment, what is unique about the game games app?

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If it provides a stronger challenge, many people are keen on playing games. Communication or showing off power does not seem to be a problem. Over time, games can provide players with fun. Although they play different games each time, they can concentrate, which is different from prints, movies, or other art forms.

When a person faces a challenge and overcomes it, he has learned a lot. It does not matter whether the challenge exists in the math textbook or in the computer game. Therefore, challenge games can be learned experience. Even if the learning is limited to the game itself, the player can also learn in the game, such as how to pass the 8th level… In the game, the player can learn from the game and apply it to life. Be able to apply problem-solving methods to work, or maybe learn to express feelings better through role-playing in games. Many players are keen on or eager for the challenges provided by the game, and through challenges to enrich themselves.


A friend of mine insisted that “Games are anti-social.” This is of course absurd, because almost all non-computer games need a social group if they are to play a role. The root of the game and an important part of its appeal is its sociality. For most people, the fundamental reason they play games is their inability to communicate with friends or family. In fact, although many people like to play single-player games, more people like multiplayer games rather than single-player games. This is because people like group games.

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Solitary experience

Some players are looking for opportunities to communicate, while others are trying to find opportunities to enjoy alone. Sometimes friends are not around or tired of friends, or just don’t want to talk to others.

But the game is different from the social experience of reading a book or watching a video disc. There is communication between the game itself and the player. The game has human-like reactions, or at least can imitate human behavior. But the player can start or stop the game at will. Therefore, computer games can “fake” interesting parts of human behavior without any potentially annoying behavior. In this way, the behavior between the player and the computer game is dynamic, interactive, and non-antisocial.

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show off

Players also play games to earn respect, especially in multiplayer games. Bragging with your friends in the game will make them respect you. Players brag about how they passed all the difficulties of the entire game in just a few hours. If you watch the old and new versions of the “arcade” game, the highest-scoring podium and the ability to “slide into” the game under the names of other people will tempt players to play the game over and over again. If you rarely have the opportunity to brag about yourself in your daily life, and you don’t have good grades that you are proud of in school, you can show your wit to your friends in the game. When they win in the game, players will also have a strong sense of self-satisfaction. But when players challenge the game and win, they realize that they can do well, perhaps better than most, which makes them feel good about themselves.


Emotional experience

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The main reason for the spread of the art form of “storytelling” is fantasy. Whether watching novels, movies or comic strips, many people see storytelling as a way to escape from the worldly life and escape into a completely different world. This world is full of heroic characters who have entered a paradise or encountered other lost people. Of course not all stories tell a beloved protagonist, but it is certain that most of the story is defined as “escape from reality.” Many critics laughed at such fugitives. It is true that many very good books, movies and comedies have more realistic backgrounds and themes and have a great impact. However, this is still the case. Many people want to enter an illusory world that is more exciting than the real world.

Computer games are more magical than escapism. In the game, the player has the opportunity to truly become someone more brilliant, controlling a virtual adventurer, a brave swordsman or a hero in an opera. Wonderful and perfect characters that audiences have only seen in novels or movies. In a well-designed game, players can truly have a chance to live a fantasy life. What’s more wonderful is that these virtual lives are not the same as real life. In most games, players don’t have to worry about trivial things like eating, drinking, sleeping, or taking a bath. So the game creates a “pure life” without boring details. The most important thing is that compared with other art forms, due to the interactive nature of the game, the level of fantasy has been greatly improved.