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9 Best Apps That Help Small Businesses Go Green

Humans, whether they admit it or not, have significantly changed the planet for the worse. The rising C02 emissions, sea levels, and pollution are easily seen in any urban setting. These topics, too often, are ignored by people out of convenience, ignorance, or malice.  This is a massive mistake that will affect future generations.

As a business owner, you have more power than most to enact real change in the fate of our planet. There are several ways to do this, but one underrated method is through apps. Apps can help streamline the planning and maintenance of sustainability projects. There’s more to sustainability than just switching over to electric alternatives or tossing recyclables in a bin.


Either app is fantastic for different reasons, but you need to have at least one of these for your business. Communication is key to any project, and that includes sustainability issues. Slack and Discord are great because of their convenience, accessibility, and ease of use. They can be installed on almost any modern phone, desktop, or laptop.

Not to mention, communication apps allow for remote work to not only be possible but a genuine alternative to face-to-face business. Remote work is a win-win for the environment for the savings on transportation alone. Best of all, both are completely free, so it’s infinite savings and convenience.


This app provides you with the locations of the nearest recycling centers. Not only that, it provides important information regarding their practices. With over a million options for recycling centers in its databases, iRecycle is a fantastic app for those looking to put their waste towards something helpful.


Ecosia is an eco-friendly search engine that acts as a great alternative to Google. Every search on Ecosia means more funds directed toward conservation efforts. For those who would like even their passive activities to be helpful, Ecosia is the app for you. It also has a very open privacy policy, so no data is being stolen without your knowledge.

Too Good To Go

One of the biggest sources of waste in the world is food. Feeding your employees is just as important as any other duty for your small business. Too Good To Go solves two birds with one stone by providing a reliable source of food while reducing waste. Too Good to Go offers heavily discounted foodstuff, and surplus from big businesses.

These are all properly screened, so there’s very little risk of spoilage, and even then, there are in-depth details provided on the app for customer feedback. For a small business that wants to remain sustainable without going hungry, this app is a fantastic solution.


Buycott is a simple yet very effective app for supporting other businesses that align with your sustainable interests. Just one scan of any product gives you all the relevant information regarding its ecological impact. Whether they support conservation efforts or maliciously take advantage of lax regulations in other countries, Buycott lets you make informed decisions easier.


This app promotes local and ethical businesses, and if you contact them, you can include yours in that list. Co-Go is great for ensuring that all your business relationships align with your company’s values. The last thing you want is to be hypocritical. Not to mention, collaborating on conservation efforts saves both you and your business partner on costs.


JouleBug promotes sustainable actions in everyday life by gamifying it. Conservation efforts don’t need to be boring. Making a game out of it can motivate people who might get lazy to actually put in the effort. Plus, it helps build a culture of honesty and kindness in your business, as the points system is entirely based on the players’ own tracking.

Giki Zero Pro

This app provides 150 steps that provide users with ways to self-sustainability. The pro version provides a comprehensive engagement program for managers to follow, and they can track their employees’ sustainability habits easier than ever before. Knowledge is always one of the best tools for sustainability, and Giki provides this in spades.

Think Dirty

Despite the rather suspicious title, Think Dirty is actually one of the most useful shopping apps you’ll ever use. Facilities still need cleaning and Think Dirty provides you with a great selection of eco-friendly cleaning and household brands. It’s a more specialized version of Buycott and even includes user reviews and ratings.


Being eco-friendly as a business doesn’t have to be as complicated as measuring carbon intensity for ships out at sea. Sometimes, being aware of your own practices, with the help of apps, can make all the difference. Still, practicing eco-friendly activities is not enough. As a local business owner, you have the power to make great changes in your community.

Advertise your eco-friendly practices on all your social media and flyers. Lead by example. Provide business opportunities for other sustainable businesses, and eventually, saving the world will become common sense within your community.


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