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Amazon Product Reviews: Best Practices for 2022

Consumers shifted from in-store to online shopping in 2020, resulting in an incredible upswing of e-commerce. 71% of consumers predicted online purchases would dominate consumer purchases in the future at the end of the year.

It’s well known that opinions have a major impact on consumer decision-making and how sellers value them. Amazon sellers report that getting reviews is a challenge for 52% of them. Our goal is to provide you with the latest information on how you can profit from your business in 2022.

A new Amazon FBA reseller can be made or broken by product reviews. A study conducted by G2 and Heinz Marketing in 2017 found that 92% of shoppers are more likely to purchase a product after reading a positive review.

You need to know how to get reviews on Amazon this year – and how to do it quickly and legally.

Let’s look at the eight most effective ways to get product reviews on Amazon. The list includes both Amazon programs and features, as well as non-Amazon vendor strategies that third-party vendors can use to search for and obtain ratings.

Important: According to Amazon’s Terms of Service, each of the methods listed below is a viable way to obtain product ratings.

Getting reviews on Amazon in 2022

Getting new reviews on your listings is hard, but not impossible. Check out the successful ways to get more reviews on Amazon!

Automate the Jungle Scout review

Amazon customers can easily provide reviews using this feature of Jungle Scout. To earn product reviews, Jungle Scout’s Review Automation feature takes a ‘set it and forget it’ approach.

The first-of-its-kind feature sends automated review requests to customers who have purchased your product. With the Jungle Scout Chrome plugin, you can request reviews manually in bulk, but this tool in the app simplifies the process by doing it automatically. The Seller Central app eliminates the tedious task of manually requesting reviews from buyers, so you can invest the time you save back into your business.

With the summary automation control panel, you can easily track the status of review requests and how much time you have saved. Don’t miss out on earning a review – simply enable the feature and you’re good to go.

You can also take advantage of many other Jungle Scout tools to increase your Amazon reviews.

Using Jungle Scout Professional or Suite, users can access Review Automation.

That’s where automation and our new solution to “request” will come in handy.

Requests in bulk are reviewed

By using the Jungle Scout Extension, you can request reviews for your Amazon FBA orders in bulk, rather than sending requests for each order individually.

Click the Scout Forest Extension button on the Amazon Seller Center order page. The Scout Forest Extension window opens and asks for more permissions. “Done Requesting Review” will appear when the request has been completed.

Simply select a date range (we recommend between four and 30 days since that is the period in which Amazon allows you to request a review) and click “Send”. An order will be reviewed if it qualifies for the “Request Review” button on that page.

If you do not want to click on the order, you can submit individual requests. By doing so, you will avoid going through each post.

Each Jungle Scout plan offers bulk requests in Extensions.

The Amazon Vine Register is where you can register your product

Vendors with Amazon-branded products with fewer than 30 reviews are eligible for the Amazon Vine Program.

Vendors participate in Vine by submitting 30 inventory units. A reviewer who is a vine recipient gets a free product, tests it, and writes a review.

The incentive review program Amazon banned in late 2016 is similar to this in many ways. Only now, Amazon checks the reviewers in the program.

In Amazon’s experience, “25% of reviews are received within 5 days of ordering, and 99% within 35 days of ordering,” so this is (naturally) a game-changer, as it helps newly registered products gain reviews quickly.

Third-party vendors are currently free to use Vine. Amazon may, at some point, begin charging a fee to participate or register. According to this writing, the cost is unknown.

To find out how to enroll, check out our guide.


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