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Common Ways to Effectively Manage High Call Volume

Is your company overrun with incoming phone calls? Congratulations—a high call volume frequently implies that a company is doing well. However, handling a surge of calls while devoting adequate time to each caller might be difficult.

If you’re experiencing excessive call traffic, there are methods available to reroute callers to other resources, reduce call frequency, and devote additional resources to existing calls. Taking the time to consider all of your alternatives can assist you in implementing the most comprehensive solutions for your company.

Continue reading to learn more about high call volume and nine efficient techniques to manage it in your organisation. Then look into Weave Phones to discover how it can help you with more than just your call volume difficulties.

What Is a High Call Volume?

The quantity of calls received by a company or call centre is referred to as call volume. A high call volume arises when a company receives more inbound calls than its personnel can reasonably handle. Many businesses define high call volume as call volume that is 10% more than projected for their team.

What Causes High Call Volume?

A high call volume can be caused by a variety of circumstances. Depending on the service or product offered, businesses may receive more calls throughout various seasons, such as during the summer or during the holidays. At times, a successful marketing campaign may be to blame.

However, high call volume can arise when the number of calls remains constant but the number of personnel or resources available to answer those calls changes. Companies, for example, may lack the resources required to accept calls while training new workers.

High call volume can be caused by anything that causes demand for your product or service to increase or the available resources to manage those calls to decrease.If your company is seeing a rise in call volume, determining the root cause is critical to finding the best solution for your team.

Is High Call Volume a Good Thing?

High call volume offers both benefits and drawbacks. higher calls frequently lead to higher sales or service appointments. If the majority of callers to your firm have inquiries about your products or services, this could signal that your company is expanding.

However, high call volume can also arise when a greater number of clients call your business with complaints. While this is an uncommon occurrence, your company may see an increase in calls after releasing a bad product or obtaining unwanted publicity.

A high call volume is usually advantageous in the long run. However, if your team is unable to manage all inbound calls, clients may grow irritated or upset with your company, resulting in lost revenue.


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