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FTX Token (FTT): What It Is & Why You Should Care?


On the international crypto derivatives exchange FTX, the FTT token is used. As the “backbone” of the FTX exchange, FTT offers its holders a variety of advantages.

Sometimes, the phrases “FTX token” and “FTT” are used synonymously. You can take advantage of decreased trading fees and have access to a variety of benefits on the FTX exchange by possessing FTX tokens. You can trade derivatives using your tokens as collateral as well.

Because of how quickly FTX’s value increased, more people have recently started to pay attention to it. In December 2020, one FTT was trading for less than $4. Today, it is close to $45. During this time, FTX’s market cap increased from $400 million to more than $6 billion.

The growth of FTX is not an accident. Analysts believe that the FTX token’s success has been attributed to growing public awareness, solid collaborations, and the launch of new protocols on the FTX exchange. They predict that the price of FTX will continue to rise. Here is a summary of FTX and its associated token, FTT.

What Is the FTX Exchange?

A centralised cryptocurrency exchange with its headquarters in the Bahamas is called FTX. By 2021, the platform will have more than a million registered users and record daily trading volumes worth billions of dollars. It enables trading of cutting-edge derivative products, many of which are anticipated to set standards for future cryptocurrency trading.

Since CEO Sam Bankman-Fried introduced the platform in 2019, FTX has gotten funding from top trading companies. The FTX exchange offers a number of instruments that can be traded. These tests are

Futures: More than 80 cryptocurrencies, including many less popular ones, are supported via FTX’s futures contracts. No other cryptocurrency network even comes close to matching this number as of this writing.
FTX also gives traders the option to buy in perpetual futures, which have no set expiration date.
Options: On the FTX exchange, you can choose the option you want to trade and get a quote in as little as 10 seconds. If you don’t want to trade, you are under no obligation to accept the offer.

Market for predictions: Traders can place wagers on actual events, such U.S. presidential elections, on the FTX marketplace.

Prominent Features

Due to its efforts to fix issues that other crypto exchanges haven’t, FTX is also well-liked by investors. For instance, it’s the first cryptocurrency exchange to provide trading in derivatives while facilitating the trading of such instruments by anyone.

Prior to FTX, most cryptocurrency exchanges struggled with liquidity because it was frequently challenging for traders to enter and exit at the right price. However, FTX makes sure that traders can always take advantage of strong liquidity levels. After Binance and Coinbase, FTX is the third most liquid exchange in the world, according to CoinMarketCap.

The likelihood of clawback, which exchanges commonly mention, has also decreased thanks to FTX. When money is withdrawn from investors to cover an investor’s bankruptcy, this is known as a clawback. The exchange must pool funds from its investors because you cannot seize assets from outside the system. Since FTX employs a clever algorithm that gradually liquidates bets without lowering the net asset value to zero, this rarely occurs.

What Is FTT?

One of the many cutting-edge items available on the FTX exchange is FTT, and it might even be the most significant. FTT functions as a medium of exchange and a store of value, similar to other well-known coins like Bitcoin.

FTT is occasionally referred to by specialists as “one of the ERC20 tokens.” Digital currency known as ERC20 tokens are created on the Ethereum network rather than on their own blockchain. To store it, you need a wallet that is compatible with the ERC20, which establishes technical standards for tokens. Fortunately, ERC20 is so widely used that using FTT shouldn’t be too challenging.

The FTX exchange frequently repurchases and burns its tokens in order to maintain the value of FTT. This is done by using 33% of the trading fees made on its platform, which includes 10% of the backstop fund and 5% of other costs, to buy FTX tokens.

Benefits of FTX Tokens

A reduction in trading fees is one of the main advantages of adopting FTT. With crypto futures, you receive tighter spreads in addition to lower fees. The percentage difference can reach 60% for active FTX exchange traders. FTT can also be used by traders as collateral for future holdings.

The insurance protection that comes with FTT might shield traders from clawback. In times of market volatility, insurance delivers a net gain that gives traders a buffer to keep trading without incurring margin calls.

When using leveraged tokens, the insurance is really helpful. Leveraged tokens (LTT) let traders to execute positions where gains and losses are increased in accordance with the leverage because LTT can be used to construct them.

Additionally, FTT supports staking, a procedure that enables owners of FTT exchange tokens to confirm a transaction. Numerous advantages come with staking FTT. For instance, traders can spin the non-fungible swag wheel to win a free NFT and receive further rebates. Increased airdrop prizes, bonus votes, and IEO tickets are additional advantages.

How Does the FTX Platform Work?

On the FTX platform, users can trade cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments just like on any other significant online crypto exchange. It offers a simple user interface that is reliable enough for institutional traders yet easy enough for newcomers to utilise. On devices like mobile phones, you can download the FTX app in addition to using the company’s website to access FTX.

The FTX exchange offers two distinct platforms: one for users from outside the United States and another to satisfy the requirements of international authorities. Its main platform is accessible to users outside of the United States, while its recently developed U.S. site provides services to inhabitants of that country with a constrained range of coins and features. Recently, the business teamed up with LedgerX LLC to enhance its services in the United States.

Users can choose from a selection of trading instruments on the primary FTX interface. Users can even trade equities, foreign exchange, and conventional markets. You can use FTX Pay to accept payments in fiat or cryptocurrency as needed.

The FTX sign-up process is fairly easy. You only complete a straightforward profile and confirm your identification. You deposit fiat money via techniques including ACH bank transfer, credit card, digital wallet, and wire transfer when verification is finished. Once your funds have been deposited, you may quickly exchange one cryptocurrency or fiat currency for another using FTX’s user-friendly interface.

Key Features of the FTX Platform

On the official FTX website, it is said that the platform was “developed by traders, for traders.” The concept appears to have caught on, as FTX has quickly risen to become one of the world’s leading crypto platforms.

The exchange has simplified the registration process to entice new customers. Anyone who has a personal email address can create an account. After completing Level 1 KYC verification, members are eligible for additional benefits and are given immediate access to practically all of the platform’s services.

Here are just a few common trading characteristics that could appeal to derivatives traders:

Leveraged tokens are supported by the platform. Leverage is simple to use up to 101 times the initial value. In other words, an increase in price of 1% can raise earnings by 100%.

More than 130 cryptocurrencies are available on FTX, many of which are less well-known but are expected to grow rapidly in the future.

Traders can make predictions about current events using the predictions market.

Perpetual futures, which have no set expiration date, are available from FTX. Instead than having to roll over the contract, dealers can keep the asset for as long as they like.

Here is a list of additional noteworthy advantages in addition to the trading features:

Low trading fee: The starting trading fee is just 0.10%. Traders can further lower the cost by using FTX tokens.

Earn interest: Account holders can earn up to 8% interest by staking coins with FTX. Cryptocurrency unstaking is available for a fee or for free after a 14-day waiting period.

The FTX exchange provides a variety of advanced order types to safeguard your account. These orders include take profit, tail stops, and stop-loss limits.

Funding for charities: When you trade with FTX, 1% of the commission is given to good causes.

Pros and Cons of the FTX Exchange

FTX has become into a major force since its launch in 2019. Sam Bankman-Fried, one of Forbes’ founders, is reportedly the richest person in the cryptocurrency industry.

Benefits of FTX Exchange

Specialized derivatives: FTX is essentially a cryptocurrency derivatives platform. It sets itself apart from rivals by providing a large variety of derivatives and trading circumstances, some of which are unique.

User-friendly interface: FTX lacks a learning curve in contrast to other prominent crypto platforms. They have features that are simple for new traders to understand, so they will feel at home.

Global reach: Anyone may easily open an account with FTX and start trading right away with just an internet connection.

Cons of the FTX Exchange Limited services include the fact that Americans cannot trade on because of national laws. On its platform, FTX provides a constrained selection of derivatives to make up for this loss. The business is already collaborating with LedgerX to give American traders greater chances.

High withdrawal fees: Despite having cheap trading costs, you must pay an additional $75 in withdrawal fees for all withdrawals under $10,000. When compared to other similar-sized crypto trading platforms, this project is pricey.

Incomplete range: You might need to search elsewhere or trade an option from the pool of more than 130 cryptocurrencies on offer if you wish to trade well-known cryptocurrencies like Polkadot, Stellar, and Cardano.

FTT Tokenomics

Market cap: According to unaffiliated sources, the native token has a market cap of around $6.1 billion, ranking it among the top 30 cryptocurrencies in the world.

Trading volume during a 24-hour period: The FTX token has a daily trading volume of around $277 million. Trading volume also reflects liquidity, thus users of FTX can simply liquidate their positions without experiencing price differences.

Circulation of coinage: It is estimated that there are 335 million FTT coins in circulation. Nearly 140 million exchange tokens are in use as of the time of this writing.

Price: The FTT ranges in price from $40 to $45, as of December 2021. Before declining to the current price, it rose to a historic high of about $80. This pattern is prevalent across practically all major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC).

How to Buy FTX Token (FTT) on Bybit

By following the instructions listed here, you can purchase practically all popular cryptocurrencies. Please be aware that these procedures can be used to acquire any coin that Bybit offers; they are not just restricted to purchasing FTT.

Create a profile on the Bybit website. After the verification procedure is finished, deposit at least the bare minimum. Click the Buy Crypto tab at the top of the main website page to access the Bybit Fiat Gateway.

To buy USDT, enter the desired purchase amount in the field provided. You may enter $100 in the “I want to spend” form and choose USDT from the dropdown list in the “I will get” field, for example.

Select the best payment option. A credit card, an ACH bank transfer, a wire transfer, or another method might be used to complete the purchase. Please be aware that depending on the service provider, the quantity of USDT you receive may vary. By clicking on each service provider’s name, you can examine the exchange rate.
Once the necessary amount of USDT has been transferred into your account, click the Spot tab on the home page and choose the desired pair to examine the spot rates.
Once on the platform, place a trade order to purchase the necessary FTT tokens. The asset will appear in your account after you close your position.

Is FTX (FTT Crypto) a Good Investment?

Investing in FTT appears to be a wise choice when taking into account previous trends and the general price trends of comparable cryptocurrencies. FTT has recovered almost 1,000% since early in 2021. Even from the standpoint of the cryptocurrency market, this is nothing short of amazing.

Experts believe that FTT will continue to soar in the future, regardless of instability. For instance, according to researchers at WalletInvestor, FTT will probably surpass $100 within a few years. Even if cryptocurrencies acquire more traction, you can anticipate that the price of FTT crypto will reach $500 by 2026. The majority of experts continue to express optimism over short-term estimates for FTT, with most believing that technology will provide a 50% ROI in the following year.

FTT and other cryptocurrencies will undoubtedly continue to grow in popularity if cryptocurrency exchanges keep updating their products to comply with regional and international legislation. If more institutional investors invest in this situation, the price may rise above all reasonable expectations.

The FTX exchange benefits from being “first movers” in several crypto markets because to its cutting-edge portfolio of trading products. Overall, FTX is definitely worth a look if you’re interested in cryptocurrencies.


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