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How high can secret coin go?

The Secret is a layer-1 blockchain-based independent network embedded inside the Cosmos SDK that is open source. The Secret ecosystem promises to be one of the most secure smart contract networks. It is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) system that employs Tendermint’s Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus method. The network’s major goal is for everyone to use decentralised technologies. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts on the blockchain that are based on predetermined criteria. They are normally open in the blockchain and accessible to the public.

Secret Overview

Ticker SymbolSCRT
Price Change 24h-2.00%
Price Change 7d-15.67%
Market cap$186,317,419
Circulating Supply163,295,557 SCRT
Trading Volume$2,705,722
All time high$10.64
All time low$0.2554
Secret ROI+76.67%

The Secret network adds encryptions to smart contracts, which implies that the input and output of Secret smart contracts are entirely encrypted, giving smart contracts with default data privacy. Developers may use the Secret tools to create decentralised applications while maintaining data privacy. The ‘programmable privacy’ feature of the Secret network protocol allows for arbitrarily complicated data privacy protections within an application.

The Secret network is a decentralised network of computers created in secret nodes. They make use of trusted execution environments. TEEs enable computing over encrypted data to be secure and private. In data processing, trusted execution environments act as black boxes. TEEs employ a variety of platforms, including smartphones and video gaming consoles. Viewing keys are used to see encrypted data in the Secret network. By managing the data, users may share these viewing keys with auditors, wallets, and explorers. The Secret networks’ privacy-preserving programmes are referred to as ‘Secret apps.’ Secret apps, according to the Secret network blockchain, are decentralised and permissionless applications that are private by design. Secret agreements are written in the ‘rust programming language.’ This enables apps to use encrypted data, allowing for unique scenarios.

Customers’ financial data is safeguarded by Secret Finance. Secret network’s decentralised financial apps are cross-chain, interoperable, private by default, and use low fees. Secret Bridges are used to transmit digital assets across networks like as Ethereum, Binance, and others. Once the assets are transmitted via the Secret Bridge, the Secret Token contracts will execute, and the asset will be encrypted such that only address owners or those with the viewing key will be able to access it.

SecretNFTs are non-fungible Secret network tokens. NFT is likewise private by default, and it is a verifiable representation of one-of-a-kind events and things. The Secret network community comprises artists, Secret forums, developers, Secret podcasts, and the project ultimately thinks that developers, users, and organisations require complete control over their data, therefore privacy is paramount when files are shared over blockchain. The Secret network is well-positioned and well-resourced in the long run.

What is a Secret (SCRT) Coin?

SCRT is the Secret network’s native token. It serves as the gas fee for all Secret applications. Users may purchase SCRT coins straight from the Secret network’s website using a bank account or credit card. They can place a buy order on a centralised exchange like Binance. Users may acquire Secret currencies using decentralised exchanges on the Secret network (SecretSwap, Sienna) and the Ethereum network (SushiSwap, UniSwap). Users of SCRT coins will need a wallet to store and stake their coins; traders can choose from the following options: Citadel, ‘Keplr,’ which is beneficial for all network applications.

One, Cosmostation, and the Ledger Nano. The final anticipated token distribution estimates are as follows: a total of 170M coins were distributed, with 44% going to the community, 21.18% going to teams, 17.65% going to ENIGMA and affiliates, and 11.76% going to the ecosystem. Only 0.59% for the foundation and 4.71% for inflation, which is required for long-term viability. The ecosystem pool received 20 million SCRT tokens; unlike the community pool, which promotes technological development activities, the ecosystem pool gives support and help for all contributions to the hidden network’s development.

Functions of SCRT

Fees: SCRT holders utilise the token to pay transaction fees for the various services provided by the SCRT network.

Staking: Node operators utilise SCRT tokens to keep nodes operational on the network. Secret earns back inflation incentives as well as transaction fees.

Voting Governance: In the Secret protocol, Secret coins may be used for voting governance. To motivate SCRT holders, the network uses block reward and staking.

Recent Developments in Secret Ecosystem

Supernova Mainnet: The Mainnet Update – Supernova was the first major mainnet upgrade since the debut of Secret Contracts. It is a close chain privacy-first Web3 platform with several novel use cases. The Secret network began to expand from the beginning. According to the creator, they were now focusing on three primary areas: developers, apps, and end-users spanning DeFi and NFT. Supernova’s IBC integration enables the SCRT to be utilised in any cross-chain cosmic applications. It was finished during the first week of November.

The Secret Network Grant Program,

which was just launched, provides financing for apps, tools, network requirements, and overall ecosystem enhancements. Secret funds have been provided to front-end developers that create simpler interfaces, new functionality, and any new value addition to the system. As a result, Secret network invites more coders and developers to the ecosystem while also creating new value adds and functionalities.


SecretSwap is a front-running resistance and decentralised cross-chain exchange. Its goal is to create an open, accessible financial system. SEFI is SecretSwap’s native governance token. The SecretSwap operates on a Secret Ethereum bridge and employs the SNIP-20 Secret token standard. The Hidden Network has announced the renaming of Enigma with the goal of offering additional support for secret networks and native privacy for Web 3.0. The goal is to concentrate more on the development of the hidden network.

Trusted execution environments:

Developments in trusted execution environments provide computation secrecy. It is the finest method for securing blockchain transactions. The Secret network teamed with OpenSea, one of the major NFT marketplaces, in October to deliver unique content. They also have a production company called ICONIC for artists and developers to make NFTs.

Secret Roadmap

The Secret network’s mainnet became live in February 2020. Guy Zyskind created the Enigma project in 2015 with the goal of bringing private compute solutions and utilising the potential of blockchain technology; eventually, they developed a ‘Secret network.’ The development has been divided into three stages: launching and protecting the network, developing early secret apps, and establishing secret contract functionality.

The firm behind the Enigma protocol is now working on technological advancements for the Secret networks. In July, the Secret Foundation was established to encourage the expansion of the Secret ecosystem. Also supplies other companies with privacy-protection tools and procedures. Following that, they produced the ‘Vulcan hard fork upgrade,’ which enabled the secret contract on the network.

On July 24, 2020, the SCRT burn contract enabled ERC-20 ENG owners to change their coin to SCRT. The exchange allowed ENG to be converted to SCRT 1:1. The secret games incentive testnet was established in the same month to test the concept of Secret contract projects. Secret contracts were successfully introduced in September 2020 after several months of testing.

The Secret Ethereum bridge, which connects the Secret network to Ethereum, went live in December 2020. This enables ETH holders to convert Secret versions of their assets to Secret currency and conduct secret transactions with them. They have now established SecretSwap, the network’s first automated market maker. As a result, SEFI, the SecretSwap’s governance token, was issued in March 2021. The Secret is now only focused on advances in programmable privacy. It thinks that privacy and security extend beyond transactions to include apps, data, and smart contracts.

Secret Technical Analysis

New development conversations and reached milestones have had a significant influence on Secret cryptocurrency pricing in recent months. Though other cryptocurrencies reached all-time highs because to the increased interest in cryptocurrencies, Secret was worth purchasing from the second week of October 2021 forward. The Secret coin has joined the cryptocurrency market’s rush towards historic highs and huge long-term earning potential. Since mid-December 2021, investment in SCRT has increased dramatically. Despite the fact that the coin is new to the market and has not yet matured, the unique concept behind the network and ongoing advancements in the ecosystem support the price spike in coins. The crypto market’s market capitalisation has remained stable in recent days.

When the historical price of SCRT is examined, the prices have been hovering sideways for more than a year, with no discernible increase. However, recent events have increased the company’s reputation and worth. However, disregarding slight price increases, the price of SCRT stays in the same comparable range. Looking at the price volume trend, it has been continuously growing. Previous price predictions predicted that the currency will remain in an uptrend following its climb in February 2021, however this was not the case. Following the creation of a circular bottom on the daily chart, the SCRT price began to rise toward the peak reached in November of last year.

The current price of Secret SCRT is $5.76, with a 24-hour trading volume of $18,963,974.27, according to technical analysis on the daily chart. Secret SCRT has a total market worth of $940,417,909.39 and a circulating supply of 163,295,557 SCRT coins. On October 28, 2021, the highest price at which Secret SCRT traded was $10.64. On November 3, 2020, the lowest SCRT price was $0.2554.

 Trade Secret Now

Secret value began to rise at the beginning of the year, and the value of SCRT began to outperform beginning in October 2021 by luring more investors into the token. The Secret currency is a fantastic long-term investment. One of the primary causes for the price surge is the announcement of a supernova. SCRT fans began trading and investing in coins. Secret worth purchasing in October 2021 by setting new highs every day.

Secret cryptocurrency provided investors with significant profits in a short period of time. SCRT price increased from $2 to $10.64 in a month, shattering projected price thresholds. On October 11, 2021, the bull run that began on September 30, 2021 tested the resistance level of $6.7. The price pullback took quick support around $4.569. The creation of a morning star pattern on the daily chart on October 20, 2021 has accelerated the SCRT price increase. Looking at the charts, each bullish engulfing candlestick has resulted in a significant difference in starting and closing prices.

After the first week of November last year, the Secret price was subjected to intense negative pressure and began to decrease precipitously. The Secret price had returned to its prior main support level of $3.8 by mid-December 2021. Later, it commenced and has managed to maintain the upward trendline till date.

According to the volume chart and trend, there is a volume rise following every minor downturn. It was supported by a high volume at the commencement of a rally. Following the SCRT price increase, the price-volume patterns have remained constant. For the current trading session, the volume is rather low. Although the candlesticks have followed the pattern, the price of Secret will grow from here in the future. Secret’s price decline during the previous several trading sessions can be seen as a typical correction. It is possible that the coin’s price may rise in the short future.

For technical analysis, resistance and support levels are unavoidable. They may be seen plainly on the SCRT pricing chart. The currency was tried at the resistance level of $7.402 but failed to sustain, and the range is still operating as a hurdle for the price of Secret. The main barrier is $8.125.

Secret’s price has challenged the support level of $5.100 in the last year and is attempting to maintain without falling. However, any drop below this level is likely to reach $3.724. The main source of support is $1.721.

Examining some of the most important technical indicators. The Relative Strength Index is currently at 56.70, indicating neutrality. The MACD line is going above the signal line, indicating that it is time to purchase.
According to the EMA on the daily chart, prices are now trading above the 20 EMA, 50 EMA, and 200 EMA. Short-term forecasts are good for investment.

Can we say Secret is a decent buy at this price? Secret price forecasting at today’s level is beneficial in the near run. Because it is neutral, investors can hold the coin. Long-term investors can make fresh investment selections as well.

Secret Price Predictions: 2022-2026

November has historically been the greatest month for digital assets and the cryptocurrency market. Crypto specialists are optimistic about the Secret prognosis, predicting that at the present price, it will be a strong long-term investment. Let’s take a look at SCRT coin price forecasts to learn more about the coin’s potential long-term performance.

The fast rise of cryptocurrency and digital assets has continued unabated. Month after month, the number of new investors and venture capitalists has increased dramatically. The present market trend, according to secret coin price forecast, is not particularly good.

Secret Price Prediction 2022

The average price is projected to be $7.49, with a minimum price of $7.06. Its highest possible price will be about $7.93. However, based on SCRT coin price projection for 2022, it is predicted to reach an all-time high. Can we consider Secret to be a smart investment? SCRT may provide a nice return in the future based on Secret crypto price prediction and historical data.

2023 Secret Price Prediction

SCRT is anticipated to begin with an average price of $8.40 in 2023, breaking the all-time high, according to the Secret price projection. The minimum price is projected to be $7.63. According to the SCRT price forecast, the value might reach $9.55 by the end of the year.

Secret Price Prediction 2024

Money is flooding into the cryptocurrency market from institutional investors, and if this trend continues, the coin’s credibility will reach the same level as fiat currencies with suitable rules by 2024. SCRT token price forecasts $12.48 for the beginning of 2024, with an average price of $8.31 and a maximum value of $9.78. According to the SCRT price projection, the minimum price SCRT might fall to is $7.05.

2025 Secret Price Prediction

The current innovations and demand for the token eliminate the question of why the price of Secret will climb. The SCRT price forecast 2025 is positive, with the hidden price equaling $12.61 by the end of the year, nearly tripling the present price level. This year, investors might expect a rewarding investment.

Secret Price Prediction 2026 & Beyond

SCRT’s maximum price might be $10.92. The lowest and average prices are projected to be $9.35 and $10.12, respectively. According to SCRT price predictions, the currency will trade favourably, and with widespread acceptance, the Secret price will reach new highs in 2030. According to Secret, the average price at which SCRT is projected to trade for the year is $26.42, with a maximum value of $27.37 by the end of 2030.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Secret a good investment for the future?

When examining long-term forecast algorithms, the future SCRT price projection is highly persuasive. However, price projection may differ from the levels and is dependent on the current market conditions. Before investing, conduct your own research and get professional investment advice.

Where can I purchase Secret?

SCRT is available on both controlled and decentralised exchanges (DEX). Binance, UniSwap, SecretSwap, Mandala,,, Bitmart, PancakeSwap, SiennaSwap, and SushiSwap are some of the main cryptocurrency exchanges.


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