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How to purchase JUST (JST)

On a cryptocurrency exchange like KuCoin, you can purchase JUST (JST). These niche markets, which function like stock trading platforms, let you purchase and sell bitcoins. On top of the TRON network, Just is a loan platform based on smart contracts. Here is how to purchase JUST.

How to buy JUST in 4 easy steps

All you need is a smartphone or computer, an internet connection, photo identification, and a method of payment, and the entire process may be completed in as little as 15 minutes.

Compare cryptocurrency exchanges

Purchasing JUST through a cryptocurrency exchange is the simplest option. You can select one with the qualities you want, such affordable costs, convenience of use, or round-the-clock customer service, by comparing the options in the table below.

Create a profile

You must confirm your email address and identity in order to register for an account on an exchange. Prepare your phone and some photo identification.

Set up a deposit

Once your identity has been confirmed, you can deposit money using the payment method that best fits you; credit or debit cards, wire transfers, cryptocurrencies, and PayPal are all commonly accepted.


This is not a recommendation for cryptocurrency or for any particular company, service, or product. It does not constitute a trading suggestion.

Where to buy JUST

By contrasting deposit options, supported fiat currencies, and trading costs, locate an exchange where you can buy, sell, and trade JST. Select Visit the website to register directly with the service.

How do I find the best places to buy JUST?

While cryptocurrency exchanges provide similar services, there are some important differences, including fees, the variety of accessible cryptocurrencies, and payment options. To help you select the cryptocurrency exchange that’s best for you, you can use our table to compare the features of the most well-known exchanges available in the US.

Customer service, user feedback, usability, and whether or not the exchange is registered with a local authority are some more aspects you might want to take into account. Clicking on the exchange name in the table will lead you to its review page, where you can find this information.

What will I need to buy JUST?

An email address is required to open an account on any cryptocurrency exchange. It’s a good idea to have your phone number and photo ID on hand because some exchangers can additionally require these.

Before you can deposit money and begin trading JUST, an increasing number of cryptocurrency exchanges will want you to provide proof of your identity.

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a procedure that typically calls for a camera or smartphone and a photo ID. You could also be required to attach a copy of a recent utility or bank statement to establish your address.

Some exchanges permit cryptocurrency deposits and trading without requiring KYC, but they forbid the withdrawal of local currency from bank accounts. then if you are

Where can I buy JUST with a credit or debit card?

After creating an account, you must deposit money in order to purchase JST. You can transfer bitcoin from one exchange or wallet to another, or you can deposit local currency using a bank account or credit card. The following exchanges accept the following popular deposit methods for JST purchases:

Bank account: You can find this information in our table by clicking on “see details”; however, you should double-check this with the exchange you choose. Transfers from local bank accounts are typically free.
Linking a credit or debit card to your account is another practical way to top it off, but be aware that there will typically be an additional fee. However, using a card to make immediate purchases or set up regular purchases has its benefits.
JST may typically be purchased using a cryptocurrency exchange in exchange for another coin, such as Bitcoin or a stablecoin. However, as exchanges have different policies, you’ll need to look up JST on the spot market to find out what cryptocurrencies it can be.

What is the easiest way to buy JUST?

The simplest way to purchase JST is through a “immediate buy” order, although not all cryptocurrency exchanges support this function.

As an alternative, you can do a trade on the spot market, where you can choose the price. This is the most popular method for buying cryptocurrencies. It is simple to use the instant buy feature, although it is usually more expensive than using the spot market.

You might wish to look into the market conditions before purchasing JST. You may use our Analysis tools to see how the price of JUST has been performing recently to help you decide if this is the ideal moment to buy.

Best JUST wallets to store your JST

JST can be kept on the exchange you bought it from or transferred to a personal wallet:

To ensure complete ownership of their assets, some people prefer to utilise their own wallets, or to use them in conjunction with other programmes like DeFi services.

As they make use of a physical device to increase security in a number of different ways, hardware wallets are often thought to be the safest kind of bitcoin wallet. With the help of our thorough guide, you can compare wallets and learn more about them.


This is not a recommendation for cryptocurrency or for any particular company, service, or product. It does not constitute a trading suggestion.

Is JUST a good investment?

Some of the things you might want to think about first if you’re considering purchasing any JUST include:
Integrated product line: According to its website, Just aims to provide users with an all-inclusive product suite that covers the full spectrum of DeFi, including a decentralised multi-collateral stablecoin platform, a money market protocol, an automated market maker platform, as well as a decentralised oracle module. This is in contrast to how many DeFi platforms are currently designed.
backing group: The Just Foundation, which includes a number of well-known tech specialists on its board including Terance F, a blockchain expert who had previously worked for Barclays and IBM, Elvis Zhang, a blockchain developer, and C Wu, an expert in wallets, oversees all of Just’s day-to-day activities.

Cross-chain compatibility: One underappreciated feature of the Just ecosystem is that it enables the seamless integration and use of other assets (such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum) that have been tokenized on the TRON network.
Limited token supply model: In total, 9.9 billion JST tokens will ever be produced, according to CoinGecko. Additionally, because the token is created via the Tron network, it uses the delegated-proof-of-stake (dPoS) mechanism, which uses fewer resources than its proof-of-work (PoW) equivalent.

Today’s JUST price versus ATH

JUST is currently trading at $0.0299147 USD compared to its all-time high price of $0.193254 USD on April 5, 2021. JST is getting closer to regaining its ATH the closer the bar is to 100%.

How to trade, convert or sell JUST

The same exchange where you purchased your JST also allows you to convert it or sell it:
Log in to the exchange where JST is available.
To convert or sell your JUST if you keep it in a digital wallet, compare cryptocurrency exchanges.

Place a sell order and select Sell or Convert.

Select how much JST you want to convert or sell.

Verify the sale price and costs, then complete the sale of JUST.

Finish your transaction, then transfer your JST to a wallet for safekeeping.


JUST is one of many speculative, complicated, and risky cryptocurrencies; they are quite volatile and vulnerable to secondary activity. Performance is unpredictable, and JST’s past success is no guarantee of its future success. Before depending on this information, take into account your own circumstances and seek your own counsel. Before making any decisions, you should also confirm the specifics of any product or service (including its legal status and any regulatory requirements) and examine the websites of the appropriate regulators. Finder or the author may possess positions in any of the cryptocurrencies mentioned, including JUST.


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