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How will 3D animation boost your business in 2022?

Do you remember the physics class from your schooling days? There used to be mechanisms of machines or devices which were difficult to understand with that typical diagram given in your textbook. But the 3D animation of the same used to suddenly make things more simpler. The 3D animations not only helps us to understand concepts but also makes that concept interesting and engaging.

In the same way if you use 3D animations in your business, it will make your product or service look more attractive and appealing.

To understand how 3D animation will actually work for your business, in this article we’re going to talk about the importance of animation in marketing and how to use animation to win work.

5 ways 3D animation can boost your business

If you have used all the marketing strategies from word of mouth to online marketing but are still not getting maximum sales then 3D marketing is going to be godmother for your business. Let’s see how 3D animation can help in growth of your business.

Standout in more ways than one. 3D animation will make your project literally stand out from the crowd. If your competitor is selling projects with 2D floor plans and artist impressions then in that case your 3D animation will blow them away.

Time is money. It may sound cliché but it is very true. 3D animation will allow you to get your ideas to the customers and the investors far more quickly.

Your 3D animation never sleeps. Yes folks, 3D animations can be running on your website and social media 24/7. It can explore your project simply and cleverly. It will showcase the features of your project that you want to promote to anybody, in any part of the country and at any time may it be day or night.

Wow factor. If you really want people to invest and give you a serious amount of money then you really need to impress them. Couple of statistical presentations, brochures aren’t going to be that effective. No

matter how your sales pitch might be, if it doesn’t look good to the customers,they won’t invest in it. But yeah, your 3D animation will definitely make it an impactful pitch.

Stronger emotional impact. Normal presentation is never going to capture the imagination the way a 3D animation can give.

So these were some of the major reasons for you to not waste your time anymore and look out for best 3D animators for hiring.

Further, let’s see those situations in the business where 3D animation is going to work miraculously.

4 times when 3D animation can best promote your product or service

When your innovative product doesn’t exist yet. When you’re still in the design and prototyping phase and you do not have an actual physical product to demonstrate for your investors, 3D animation will be the best way to market it.

When the main feature of your product is too small to see. 3D animation is particularly useful when the most important features and selling points of your product are too small to see. This is most common with nanotechnology, chemical design, biotech, etc.

But even if this is not your case, 3D animation is the best way to highlight important features of any product.

When your product is underwater, underground or in outer space. In such a space it is difficult or impossible to use regular cameras to record what it’s doing.

When you cannot see inside your product. It’s another very common situation when you cannot actually see inside your machine or your product, where the most important things happen. This is often the case with industrial equipment or machinery or systems of tank that are filled with fluids where you can’t really video or photograph the inside.

The above situation portrays that 3D animations can help very well when it comes to explaining design, features and functionality of the product. But that’s not it. 3D animations help the growth of business in many more ways.

Why to use 3D animations in video marketing?

Animation videos tell a story. Animations can help you bring concepts to life. When it comes to telling a story, you want to create a video that your target audience can relate to.

By using animation, you can take your target audience through problem identification, how your business or product solves their problem and why they should choose you. Animated videos use the power of storytelling to help you make a story memorable.

There are no limitations when it comes to animated marketing videos. By using brand icons, fonts, colors, you can pretty much get anything animated. Just remember to keep your animated videos consistent with your brand tone of voice and your identity. Whatever your brand’s vision is, you can make use of animation to bring it to life.

Animation is cost effective. Unlike filmed videos where we have to dedicate time to source an idea of shooting location and get the right actors, animation allows you to skip all of that. It is a cost effective way of communicating the right information to the right people.

Thus collectively, video marketing by using 3D animations will help you generate more sales, easily explain your product or service and capture viewers attention.

3D animation will definitely add value to your business so don’t wait and look for the best 3D animators for hiring.


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