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Meet Mega-Sena, Brazilian game authorized with millionaire prizes

Every Wednesday and Saturday, Brazilians digital marketing are guaranteed fun and excitement, as these are the days when the lottery for the most played lottery in the country, Meg-Sena, takes place with millionaire prizes.

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To win the maximum Mega prize, the player must match six numbers on a ticket that has 60 options. In this ticket, better known as the steering wheel, you can choose from 6 to 15 numbers, so the prices for placing the tickets vary.

In addition to the possibility of taking the jackpot, players can also earn by hitting scores less than six. In case of cases, the values ​​are much lower in relation to the highest premium. Anyone who hits five numbers on the famous corner or four numbers on the court can be contemplated.

Mega-Sena bets are placed on agencies called Casas Lotéricas. They are spread throughout Brazil, there are more than 12 thousand. Caixa Econômica Federal, the bank responsible for the management of the games, also offers an online platform, where it is possible to place bets, check results, find out what the prize estimate is for the next draw, find out about the odds and other information.

The draw of the Mega-Sena da Virada takes place on the last day of the year. This is a highly anticipated date for bettors in Brazil, as it has a robust prize pool due to the accumulation of 5% of the games that take place throughout the year.

Mega da Virada is the subject of the most talked about subjects in the Brazilian press, especially in the last week of the year. On the 31st of 2020, the prize was 325.2 million reais, equivalent to approximately U $ 61 million. On the occasion, two bets were contemplated, one from Aracaju (Sergipe) and the other from São Paulo. What reverberated across the country was the news that the São Paulo gambler did not come to the agency to withdraw the R $ 162.60 million prize, later he ended up missing the 90-day deadline to request the amount. This resulted in the transfer of the amount to the Higher Education Financing Fund (Fies).

But this is not an isolated situation, players who fail to withdraw the prize in lotteries in Brazil are more common than you can imagine. Over the past year (2020), in conventional contests, R $ 311.9 million were no longer withdrawn by winners. The reasons can be as variable as possible, ticket loss, forgetfulness, death, illness, and others. The bank is unable to identify who placed the bets, as the electronic system records only the chosen numbers, date and time when the bet was placed, which makes it difficult for unsuspecting millionaires.

Caixa Lotteries, the bank sector responsible for lotteries, organizes not only Mega-Sena, but also eight other games, such as Quina, Lucky Day, Lotofácil, Lotomania, Duplo Sena, Timemania, Loteca and Super Sete. All draws are held at the Caixa Lottery Center, located in São Paulo (SP). With transmission from the open TV channel Rede TV and through the Da Caixa channel on Youtube.

Caixa lotteries are regulated. To play you must be over 18 years old. Foreigners have the option to place bets over the internet, however they should pay attention to the fact that if they are contemplated they will need to go to Brazil to withdraw the amount, as well as register as an individual in the country.


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