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Three Types of Healthcare Apps That Are Still Needed and Profitable

The economics of mobile healthcare apps, often known as mHealth apps, are incredible. It’s clear to see why some of the biggest tech companies, like Apple, are investing in hardware and software to create innovative healthcare apps. From 2022 to 2023, the mHealth market rose fivefold, from $6.7 billion in 2022 to $33.59 billion in 2023. The mHealth revenue is anticipated to be approximately $58.8 billion by 2023, up from $25.39 billion in 2023.

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With figures like that, it’s easy to see why internet companies are pouring money into healthcare apps. The greater surprise, however, is that, despite such rapid expansion, there is still plenty of room for innovation. The world still requires mHealth apps, and if you have a well-executed idea, you can not only create a very profitable app but also make a genuine impact in people’s lives. To get you started, here’s a Statista graphic showing the most popular health and exercise applications in 2023. As you can see, some of the most popular categories in health and fitness applications are staying healthy, watching weight, tracking periods/ovulation, sleeping well, and walking/running.

So, you think this is a good time to launch health apps? All you need are a few concepts that are in high demand and profitable, yet haven’t been done to death. We will not recommend a calorie counter or a running tracking app.

1. Apps That Watch Heart Health

We must warn you that Apple is already involved. However, with heart disease afflicting an increasing number of individuals each year, there is an urgent need for innovation in this field. Anything that might help people keep conscious of their heart’s condition and seek medical assistance as soon as a problem arises will be a welcome endeavor. A troubling number of research and publications demonstrate that people, particularly women, frequently overlook the initial warning signals of a heart attack. Many heart attack symptoms are mild, and individuals prefer to dismiss them as weariness or stress. Having an app that can better assess these symptoms and insist on the user seeing a doctor can improve prognosis significantly by preventing late diagnosis.

“The major risk is that when someone arrives at the hospital with more severe or advanced heart disease, there are simply fewer therapeutic options available.”

– Dr. Catherine Kreatsoulas, Heart and Stroke Research Fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health and Fulbright Scholar.

Apple’s iPhone health app already has a plethora of tools for monitoring heart rate, activity, nutrition, and other elements of health. To push innovation even further, Apple Watch now includes not just powerful software but also specific hardware that can monitor pulse at the wrist as well as the fingertips (via the Apple Watch’s digital crown) and detect irregularities in heart rhythm. An ECG app development is also included with the Apple Watch.

2. Apps for Monitoring and Managing Chronic Diseases

That term is a broad umbrella under which many different disorders and remedies might be developed. Anyone suffering from a chronic ailment, such as Asthma, Arthritis, Diabetes, or Cancer, requires all the help they can receive. If used correctly, technology can aid in the management of certain disorders by assisting patients.

·        Follow their medicine schedule,

·        Keep an eye on symptoms and flare-ups.

·        Recognize patterns and avoid things that cause flare-ups.

·        Stick to your diet and workout routines.

·        Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

·        Keep a pain diary.

·        Consult with doctors remotely

·        Maintain a record of your insurance coverage.

These are but a few instances. When it comes to building apps to help manage chronic diseases, you are only limited by your imagination.

From a business-to-business standpoint, employing an app to manage chronic diseases can significantly cut health-care expenditures and the strain on hospitals and medical centers by minimizing delayed diagnosis, which leads to disease aggravation. It can also relieve the pressure on hospitals and medical care providers by providing simple answers to app users directly. This provides an incentive for doctors, medical insurance providers, and other healthcare professionals to utilize and promote mobile apps for chronic disease management.

Companies such as Tricella and TowerViewHealth are already producing smart pillboxes that monitor medication adherence. Asthmapolis, now known as Propeller Health, is an app that employs a unique sensor on the patient’s relief inhaler and wirelessly connects to their phone, collecting information on the inhaler’s use.

As a supplementary reference, here is an article from Harvard Business Review that discusses the barriers to widespread acceptance of chronic disease management applications and how developing companies might overcome them.

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3. Assisting Healthcare Professionals in Working Smarter

Keeping patients, caregivers, and doctors informed, assuring proper referral to post-acute care, resident scheduling and communication, expedited ER check-ins and reduced wait times, and a variety of other aspects of healthcare require improved communication and teamwork. There will always be a demand for better apps to help people obtain better treatment faster.

Apps that eliminate manual tasks like as record keeping, visit verification records, insurance pre-approval, prescription reconciliation, logistics tracking, and so on must be better and more efficient. Once again, this is an umbrella phrase that can refer to a variety of app genres. You’ve got a winner if your app can assist doctors, caretakers, and other healthcare professionals do their jobs better.


Only recently has the medical community begun to recognize that the majority of ‘health’ occurs outside of the hospital and clinic, namely the daily activities and clinical events that occur the other 362 days per year when people are not seen by a clinician,” said Michael McConnell, MD, Clinical Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at Stanford.

That is why mHealth applications are such an important part of the process when it comes to empowering people to take charge of their health and make positive changes. If you are an app developer with a passion for improving healthcare delivery and are seeking for a means to help people access better healthcare, the concepts presented above will assist you in determining where to focus your app development efforts.

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