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What is Cronos CRO?

Ethermint-powered Cronos enables quick app and smart contract porting from Ethereum and EVM-compatible networks. for additional information

The first blockchain network to enable DeFi, NFTs, and the metaverse on top of both the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems is Cronos. By giving developers the option to rapidly move applications and digital assets from other chains with minimal cost, high throughput, and quick finality, it seeks to dramatically expand the Web3 user base.

Ethermint, the technology that powers Cronos, enables quick app and smart contract porting from chains that are compatible with Ethereum and the EVM. CRO, the native coin of its parallel blockchain, the Chain, serves as the default settlement currency for Cronos.

Cronos, a completely decentralised, open-source, and energy-efficient public chain with fast speed and low fees, may be interoperable with and bridged to thanks to the IBC protocol, which it was built with from the start. Additionally, it enables decentralised interoperability with other IBC-enabled chains, such as Terra and Cosmos Hub.

Ethereum + Cosmos

An EVM that is designed for interoperability and provides quick finality, large throughput (supporting 50 million transactions per day), and low cost (less than $1 per transaction) (same as the block time, or 5-6 seconds).
Smart contracts can be executed more quickly, more affordably, and sustainably using Scalable Tendermint since it can process more transactions per minute than the majority of public blockchains.


With the help of the IBC protocol, blockchains may communicate with one another, exchange goods and services, and transfer value without encountering the scale problems that are present in some of the world’s biggest blockchains right now.

Simple Deployment
a Web3 application with libraries and standards that may be used with any EVM chain. With well-known technologies, developers may quickly install dapps on Cronos.

The blockchain’s native token, CRO, was created by CRO Protocol Labs, commonly known as This business offers a comprehensive decentralised finance application and exchange. Cryptocurrency can be purchased and sold, staked to generate income, gathered in a single wallet, and many other things.

Understanding Cronos (CRO), formerly known as Monaco, changed its name in 2018.
It is a comprehensive financial platform that provides non-fungible tokens, decentralised finance solutions, and cryptocurrency trading services through an exchange and an app. Additionally, the business uses its own cryptocurrency, called CRO, to fuel its applications on its blockchain.

Because of the design, protocols, and consensus method employed, CRO cannot be mined. CRO can be acquired on the exchange, but U.S. citizens are not currently permitted to access the platform.

In an effort to hasten the global shift to cryptocurrencies, was founded with the goal of giving everyone access to cryptocurrencies.

The founders had in mind a platform that would serve the decentralised requirements of traders, investors, customers, and enterprises in order to achieve this. Instead of building a fork of an existing blockchain, they felt that a platform that provided these services would be better suited with its own blockchain.

MCO, short for “Monaco,” was the company’s first cryptocurrency. The business changed its name to CRO ProtocolLabs ( and the coin’s symbol to CRO. It has created a coin that can only be used on its own blockchain.

How Is Cronos (CRO) Different From Ethereum (ETH)?

One similarity exists between Ethereum and both were created with a native coin that facilitates a wide range of operations throughout their environments. The similarities stop there, though, and the contrasts start.

In the beginning, is a business that created its own closed-source blockchain with the aim of providing various decentralised financial services through a single provider and platform. Since Ethereum is open source and designed to be built upon by everyone, anyone can inspect the code, make suggestions for changes, or develop original products using it.

Second, because is a business that offers financial services, its goal is distinct from Ethereum’s; in this way, it is centralising a notion that was intended to be decentralised. The world’s virtual machine, Ethereum, is totally decentralised. The Blockchain of and its Supporting


You can use the Visa card at more than 80 million retailers globally, purchase and exchange cryptocurrencies, and convert your cryptocurrency into fiat money. Additionally, you can use the exchange on to trade and purchase cryptocurrencies.

Third, consumers who like to have all of their digital assets and transactions in one location might benefit from’s services. Though centralised, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Not everyone is comfortable switching between cryptocurrency exchanges or prefers to have multiple wallets when moving assets back and forth. Nearly everything a typical individual needs to get started with cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance is available on

Goals of CRO

The overall goal of, as stated in its mission and vision statements, is to “Accelerate the World’s Transition to Cryptocurrency” by offering customers digital financial services.
Theoretically, Web3, which will be based on blockchain technology and employ cryptocurrency, will be constructed by, which has access to a wide range of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related goods and services.

The CRO native blockchain currency from is intended to speed up transactions on the company’s unique blockchain. Transaction fees are paid with CRO, which can also be staked to become a validator and gain token incentives.

Is CRO a Good Investment 2022?

For the purpose of facilitating transactions inside its blockchain and financial ecosystem, created the utility token Cronos (CRO). Although it can be found on a few centralised exchanges, it wasn’t created to be an investment. Consult a seasoned financial counsellor about including it in a portfolio if you want to think of it as an investment.

What Is CRO Cryptocurrency?

Cronos (CRO) is a utility currency developed by for usage in their blockchain and environment for decentralised financial services.

Is Better Than Coinbase?

The Securities and Exchange Commission oversees the bitcoin exchange Coinbase. Full-service decentralised financial provider and exchange is now unable to conduct business in the United States. The user experience, accessibility, and whether it satisfies client needs determine which is superior.

This article does not constitute a recommendation by Investopedia or the author to invest in cryptocurrencies or other Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”). Investing in cryptocurrencies and other ICOs is very hazardous and speculative. Before making any financial decisions, it is always advisable to get the advice of a knowledgeable specialist because every person’s circumstance is different. No guarantees or claims are made by Investopedia on the timeliness or accuracy of the information provided here.


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