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What is DAO Maker (DAO) marketing strategy?

For more over three years, DAO Maker has been a successful player in the cryptocurrency market’s finance, tech consulting, and product strategy divisions.

DAO Maker gains from the more than 200,000 bitcoin investors that have already joined our platform. A potent go-to-market is this sizable group of bitcoin owners who are also keen on venture funding.

The idea attempts to tap outside the cryptocurrency sector and onboard new retail by offering not just 8%–10% on DeFi and CeFi involvement, but a 10x–100x multiple of this. The existing base offers the critical mass required to propel this endeavour.

A startup that succeeds 10 times with 10% of the principal (interest on principal) will receive a 100% return on investment.
A startup that succeeds 100 times with 10% of the principal (interest on principal) will receive a 1,000% return on investment.
To pique the interest of mass retail, the chance to be exposed to such venture capital returns is required. According to the rolling 10-year return of the S&P500, the current sustainable state of DeFi and CeFi returns has been between 8% and 10%, a return that is already available in traditional finance.

A return on investment of 8% to 10% is not particularly interesting, but exposure to venture capital with a potential return of 1,000% is. Additionally, it is the sole method for providing a high yield in a sustainable manner.

This year, FIAT committed to a tie-in with the Euro. We only recently made it possible for FIAT purchases on the platform to be supported legally. The company plans to secure licences for supporting USD, CAD, HKD, SGD, and AED as well, with some nations having access to both equity and tokens as per legal support, while others just having exposure to tokens.

What is DAO Maker (DAO)?

The leading platform for retail venture investing in equities and tokens is being built by DAO Maker.

To reach global retail investors in venture capital, low-risk participation frameworks are crucial because most retail investors cannot afford to take big financial risks. We hope to raise the standard of living for millions of people while simultaneously opening up a new source of funding for global innovation by giving regular people the chance to safely build their own capital.

Just in 2020, our platform signed on more than 75,000 retail users interested in early-stage businesses; more recently, this number hit 200,000+ KYC’ed customers. Over the past three years, DAO Maker has created one of the greatest ecosystems of quality retail investors. We have been developing a set of services at the same time to entice high-caliber businesses to join the ecosystem and be accelerated in a decentralised, secure, and autonomous environment. Our startup growth toolkit’s technology solutions are now used in some of the industry’s most famous innovations. We are now developing permission-less, self-managed versions of our technology goods because the demand for them has so far far outpaced our capacity to handle on-boarding flow.

The performance of DAO Maker has withstood market cycles. We have collaborated with initiatives to establish capital-raising strategies for downturns in the market, assisted enterprise blockchains in developing new product portfolios for expansion, and developed tech strategies that increase community empowerment in tokenized developments. Our main objective, which is to build an internationally compliant fundraising platform for both crowd equity and tokens, has been funded with the money from our consulting and technological services.

Unlike other platforms that aim to raise venture capital, our fundraising platform takes a different approach. We do more than merely link entrepreneurs in need of funding with retail venture firms. Instead, we develop a platform with pluggable fixes for the issues that early-stage businesses encounter following funding, together with venture investment models that make participation much safer for retail.

By pushing the frontiers of personal finance, DAO Maker is on track to transform how it operates. While household or retail portfolios have increased their equity market participation to record levels, spurred on by a widespread desire for people to pursue financial independence by investing their money, venture funding participation among retail investors is dismal.

What makes DAO Maker (DAO) unique?

Retail accounts for less than 1% of the $300 billion venture capital industry annually, despite the fact that early-stage investments are the main source of wealth creation because growth opportunities are more constrained by the time new firms are listed on the market.

The world of personal finance is in its golden age. Quickly, portfolio management changed from being a service offered by brokers and specialised asset managers to becoming an app on people’s smartphones.

Almost every other major asset is already readily available to retail customers through easy-to-use apps, including fractional real estate, fractional stocks, tap-and-launch equities options, and fractional real estate. Though most retail businesses still struggle to find venture finance. However, it is undoubtedly the best tool for generating riches.

The next frontier in personal finance is venture capital. Currently, the market is made up of either crypto-native consumers or specific mass-retailers who take part in equity crowdfunding. Given that most retail cannot handle the current risk magnitude, it is a fundamentally poor strategy.

Venture finance now has the simplicity and accessibility that retail is looking for thanks to DAO Maker. In addition, it aligns with retail’s risk-averse mentality due to the downside-capped nature of the venture investment options it creates.

DAO Maker (DAO) revenue streams

Since late 2018, DAO Maker has been self-funded and cash flow positive.

Revenue from technology product offerings, consulting services, incubations, and enterprise products for DAO Maker will surpass $1.7 million in 2020.


Atlas: Subscription-based Express: Volume-based


on-distribution fee
Liquidity lock fee

Managed Funding – Tokens

percent of an increase
% of the available token supply

Platform for Compliant Raise – Tokens

Flat Compliance Fee and/or a percentage of the total raised

Platform for Compliant Raise – Equity

percent of an increase
proportion of equity
One-time Compliance Fee


Lending: 5% of interest on margin utilised for DYCO is charged as a fee.

VB Exchange

Coin: transaction cost
Equity: 1%–2% charge (accredited only)

How does DAO Maker (DAO) work?

In order to offer venture finance with varying levels of risk, DAO Maker has been striving to develop a single platform. Our notion that retail would be eager to join in venture investment if the risk threshold could be decreased has been tested in the interim.

The first DYCO, which was in essence a risk-capped venture opportunity, generated $3.5M from retail fast before experiencing tremendous oversubscription. When token investment was at an all-time low and the majority of VCs had predicted the raise would fail, The DYCO managed to garner market participation.

Before the DeFi hype-rally, this happened. We were certain, though, that the issue wasn’t a lack of interest from retailers, but rather a requirement for risk minimization to match the levels of risk tolerance common among retail. The success of The DYCO is evidence that limiting risk in venture capital is the way to pique the attention of mass retail in venture investing.

We are introducing a FIAT-enabled compliance platform for crowd equity and tokens in venture capital. To accommodate the many levels of risk appetite that retail has, it involves tiers of risk. On the platform, you’ll find:

Venture Bond with almost little risk, but lower returns
Offerings of dynamic equity or coins that cap risk while preserving the majority of the reward
Refundable Strong Holder Offerings and Strong Holder Offerings for token sales that are made public after a successful private round

Standard Offerings for Unprotected Equity/Token Issues for Retailers with Maximum Risk Appetite

The first FIAT supported by the platform is the Euro, together with FDIC-insured stablecoins. Depending on their jurisdiction, users will have access to equity or token offers, but most nations will have access to both.

Our goal is to develop a single platform that gives companies working on the future of everything from finance and insurance to healthcare and transportation retail early stage exposure. The best way to issue some of these is through equity, whereas the best way to issue others is through tokens. Although they will be risky by nature as early-stage businesses, the architecture the platform will use to conduct the fundraise will allow for varied degrees of downside protection.

The DYCO is already quite well-known among bitcoin users. The Dynamic Coin Offerings (DYCO) gives DYCO participants the power to request refunds at particular milestone dates, allowing startups to acquire capital while holding them accountable. This means that the project must function at a level that maintains the community’s faith in the project’s future and viability.

If a project has completed private rounds with VCs, it may be seeded with communities via the rSHO, or refundable Strong Holder Offering.

The Venture Bond, a nearly risk-free investment for risk-averse investors, will be our new flagship offering.

DAO Maker provides highly useful options for community creation and governance in addition to a structured finance platform:

Social Mining:

It enables businesses to classify its acquired holders and further screen, educate, and deploy these users as capable ecosystem players.


is Social Mining on the Highest Level. An immediate plug-in for businesses desiring quick development, approximating the right infrastructure boost and enabling simple monitoring through its broadly applicable CRM technique.

Staking 2.0 & YieldShield:

A permission-free toolkit that enables tokenized startups to track and increase user participation in the secondary market. With the inclusion of new resources that allow participation in liquidity mining safer and risk-free for smart contracts, it is driven by our chain analysis tools.

Some instances of how DAO Maker encourages community and value growth through its many solutions are Elrond, Ecomi, NEM, and Avalanche.

What are the features of DAO Maker?

The present active focus of the DAO creator is developing a Venture Bond that enables users earn yield and acquire bonds for their expanding firms. The qualities of a DAO Venture bond can be noticed as follows:

After paying a principle amount, users can purchase bonds.

The bond’s principle amount will subsequently be used by startups to produce interest through insurance margin.

The business must deposit equity or a token to the bondholders in order to get funding from the interest earned by the centralised approach. When the bond matures, it will still have the initial funding and the principal will be refunded to the owner.


Strong flagship services from DAO Maker provide dynamic coin offerings and a variety of advantageous incentives, such as social mining that makes it possible to win prizes. Additionally, it has introduced its own native token, DAO, which enables its owner to take part in token sale events.


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