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What will I need to buy ConstitutionDAO?

An email address is required to open an account on any cryptocurrency exchange. It’s a good idea to have your phone number and photo ID on hand because some exchangers can additionally require these.

Before allowing you to deposit money and begin trading ConstitutionDAO, an increasing number of cryptocurrency exchanges will need you to provide identification proof.

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a procedure that typically calls for a camera or smartphone and a photo ID. You might also be required to upload a copy of a recent utility or bank statement to prove your address.

Some exchanges permit cryptocurrency deposits and trading without requiring KYC, but they forbid the withdrawal of local currency from bank accounts. then if you are

Where can I buy ConstitutionDAO with a credit or debit card

After creating an account, you must deposit money in order to purchase PEOPLE. You can transfer bitcoin from one exchange or wallet to another, or you can deposit local currency using a bank account or credit card. The following exchanges accept the following popular deposit methods for buying PEOPLE:

Bank account: You can find this information in our table by clicking on “see details”; however, you should double-check this with the exchange you choose. Transfers from local bank accounts are typically free.
Linking a credit or debit card to your account is another practical way to top it off, but be aware that there will typically be an additional fee. However, using a card to make immediate purchases or set up regular purchases has its benefits.
By exchanging PEOPLE for another cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or a stablecoin, you can often buy people. However, as this varies between exchanges, you’ll need to look up PEOPLE on the spot market to see out what cryptocurrencies are available.

What is the easiest way to buy ConstitutionDAO?

Placing a “immediate buy” order to buy PEOPLE for a set price is the simplest way to do it, however not all cryptocurrency exchanges have this function.

As an alternative, you can do a trade on the spot market, where you can choose the price. This is the most popular method for buying cryptocurrencies. It is simple to use the instant buy feature, although it is usually more expensive than using the spot market.

You might want to research the market before buying PEOPLE. You may use our Analysis tools to get a sense of how the price of ConstitutionDAO has been performing recently to help you determine if this is the perfect moment to buy.

Best ConstitutionDAO wallets to store your PEOPLE

You can transfer your PEOPLE to a personal wallet or retain it on the exchange where you bought it:

To ensure complete ownership of their assets, some people prefer to utilise their own wallets, or to use them in conjunction with other programmes like DeFi services.

As they make use of a physical device to increase security in a number of different ways, hardware wallets are often thought to be the safest kind of bitcoin wallet. With the help of our thorough guide, you can compare wallets and learn more about them.

Disclaimer: This does not constitute an endorsement of any provider, service, or product, including cryptocurrencies. It is not a recommendation to trade.

Is ConstitutionDAO a good investment?

The PeopleDAO ecology depends on PEOPLE in many ways. However, it is crucial to assess the token and related protocol when it comes to DAO cryptocurrency. Before making an investment in PEOPLE, think about the following factors:

Uncertainty: As of February 2022, no firm plans have been released, and the project’s destiny is in the hands of token holders. Many people still view the endeavour as an experiment.

Meme coin: Meme culture is embraced by the community of token owners, and many view PEOPLE as a meme coin.

The maximum supply of the token, which is now in circulation, is approximately 5.06 billion. As a result, no more tokens will ever be produced.

Governance: The project is experimenting with a metaDAO structure made up of a number of subDAOs, each with a unique set of responsibilities. In order to provide services that remove language barriers in Web3, the project has developed the “Language” subDAO. There will be more to come.
Security: Nine co-signers of a multi-signature wallet hold the keys to the DAO treasury. Members of the DAO vote democratically to choose the co-signers.
Future across multiple chains: Despite the DAO’s smart contracts initially being launched on Solana and Ethereum, it appears that its members envision a future across multiple chains given that they have already launched a subDAO on Harmony.

How to trade, convert or sell ConstitutionDAO

The same exchange you used to purchase your PEOPLE also allows you to convert or sell them:
Log in to the exchange where PEOPLE is present.
In order to convert or sell your ConstitutionDAO if you store it in a digital wallet, compare cryptocurrency exchangers.

Place a sell order and select Sell or Convert.

Decide how many PEOPLE you want to convert or sell.

Close the sale of ConstitutionDAO by confirming the sell price and fees.

Finish your transaction, then transfer your PEOPLE to a wallet so they can be stored.

A Look at the ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE)

constitutional law A significant turning point for the decentralised movement was DAO (PEOPLE). This intriguing effort aimed to seize possession of the original print of the US constitution, one of America’s most valued artefacts, by utilising the vast crowdfunding powers of blockchain technology. To specifically carry out this enormous effort, the organisation established a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). A few months ago, a joke on Twitter sparked the notion to buy the rare print of the constitution. But the concept quickly gathered traction, and blockchain engineers eventually decided to take action to make the idea a reality.


A DAO is a decentralised community management system. It makes it possible for groups of people to vote on resolutions proposed by other members. A DAO can be compared to a group chat with a bank account that decides how to spend the money. DAOs are continuing to gain popularity in the DeFi sector because of their increased transparency and openness.

Crypto ConstitutionDAO

Notably, the initiative is no longer active, but it’s still worthwhile to learn about this beneficial scheme to provide cryptocurrency owners access to America’s most sought-after parchment. Here’s how ConstitutionDAO transformed their idea from an inside joke to securing +$40M to make it a reality.

ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE)

In November 2021, the ConstitutionDAO was formally introduced. There are about 30 people in the initial group. One of the team’s most important members is Jonah Erlich. In reports, he stated that the project’s aim was to return the constitution to the people, where it belongs. He explained the benefits of managing the constitution and what it would entail, including how to regulate the setting in which the item was displayed.

The concept may seem absurd to you, yet it was actually extremely near to becoming a reality. In order to purchase the document at Sotheby’s high-end auction, the community raised $47 million ETH. Everything appeared to be going well for the squad, but at the last minute, billionaire Ken Griffin outbid them at

After the Loss – What Happened to Everyone’s Crypto?

ConstitutionDAO announced it would repay all participants less ETH gas fees once the auction ended in failure. Many traders found this to be welcome news, but the gas taxes ate up a lot of users’ refunds. The cost of the gas in some cases exceeded $200. The group stopped the refund as a result, which alarmed traders. The wait was beneficial, though, as traders can now choose between two choices.

They can retrieve their PEOPLE tickets and exchange them. Despite the project being inactive, the token, PEOPLE, is still widely used. The sentimental significance of having a piece of such a historic endeavour to integrate blockchain into the American dream may be recognised by traders. The second choice is to redeem your tokens at the same rate that they gave users of the token during the launch: 1 ETH = 1,000,000 PEOPLE.

What Problems Did ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE) Attempt to Fix?

ConstitutionDAO desired to significantly alter the market. The research demonstrated how community funding can fundamentally alter how markets operate. To give the people back the constitution, the group raised $46 million. The project showed the strength of the idea even though it fell short of its objective.

Benefits of ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE)

During the short project life, the ConstitutionDAO developers spoke about a few major advantages. The platform would have allowed DAO users to decide how the constitution will develop in the future. This would contain a number of important choices, such security.

The body would be granted administrative control over the US Constitutional texts. Due to their ownership, the organisation would be allowed to decide whether or not to lend the object to sites and museums. The group would also have had the ability to decide what message should be included with the paper and how it should be labelled when it is displayed.


The ConstitutionDAO also provides the interesting benefit of introducing many individuals to cryptocurrencies for the first time. Numerous thousands of international traders attended the event. Many people were making their initial forays into the blockchain industry. These users were able to quickly and securely join the project because to ConstitutionDAO’s optimised trading experience.

How Does ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE) Work

Utilizing a speed-run DAO architecture was the ConstitutionDAO. By staking their tokens, users would have been able to cast their votes. Your vote carried greater weight the more tokens you owned. The development team discussed various other governance mechanisms that they were considering in interviews that would have helped to limit any future manipulation of whales.


As part of its plan, the ConstitutionDAO made use of the JuiceBox fundraising network. A well-known decentralised crowdfunding system is JuiceBox. The network offers startups and commercial clients safe and pre-packaged crowdfunding solutions.


PEOPLE served as the project’s official governance token. If the group had been successful, the token would have allowed owners to participate in voting processes and shape the future of the US constitution. An ERC-20 token called PEOPLE is still traded on DEXs. The coin uses the security of Ethereum to offer worldwide peer-to-peer transactions.

Pledge Allegiance to the Blockchain – ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE)

As they registered with a budget of $47M to buy the first copy of the constitution, some people must have been shaking. What would have occurred if the group had prevailed? Will the document be sent straight to me? What safety measures would have been required to be in place? What would the organisation do with America’s priceless roadmap was more crucial.

The market won’t ever understand. But as more historically significant things go up for auction, the idea will undoubtedly come up again. ConstitutionDAO can currently be viewed as a test project that showed the effectiveness of blockchain-based crowdfunding.


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