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ConvertKit Review In 2022: Is Worth It?

In this ConvertKit review, we have covered every aspect of ConvertKit. The simplest method to accomplish this is to install the ConvertKit plugin. Activate it and configure it with the API key from your account settings. Next, navigate to the page where you wish to include your form. You can insert it precisely where you want it by using the form shortcode.

ConvertKit Overview

ConvertKit is a creator marketing platform that provides you with sophisticated capabilities to assist you in optimizing your audience, which is your most valuable asset.

For those that create content, ConvertKit is an excellent choice as an email service provider. It provides access to a wide variety of cutting-edge features that might facilitate the establishment of an internet business. It is simple to use, and the customer service is excellent, too.

The United States of America and the Health, Wellness, and Fitness industries are home to the majority of the businesses that are making use of ConvertKit. The companies that utilize ConvertKit the most typically have between one and ten employees and between zero and one million dollars in annual revenue.

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Key Features Of ConvertKit

Email Design

The email layouts provided by ConvertKit are not overly complicated. You are free to insert graphical components like as logos, photographs, and even buttons and videos.

On the other hand, in comparison to certain other email marketing platforms, they do not rely nearly as heavily on visuals.

According to ConvertKit’s explanation, the company does this on purpose since it believes emails should have an uncluttered and personable design.

This straightforward layout is my personal preference, particularly taking into consideration how cumbersome it may be for emails to load when they have a lot of attached photographs.

It may take longer for big emails to load.


The advantage of using email marketing is that once it’s set up, you don’t have to worry about it again. These kinds of automation are made feasible by ConvertKit.

You can basically set up an automation in such a way that if someone fills out a form or performs some other action, they will automatically be included in an email sequence that you have created.

You can see that if someone joins the “Create More Financial Freedom” form, they will receive an email asking them what their most important financial objective is by referring to the example that was provided above.

The user will be enrolled in one of three different email sequences according to the link that they click.

However, the complexity of your automation is not required to be at this level. For yours, all that is required is for someone to fill up a form and then receive either a single welcome email or a series of emails.

landing pages

By downloading the free ConvertKit plugin and inserting the WordPress code, you will be able to quickly and easily place the code for forms anywhere you want, including blog articles, widgets, or anywhere else.

Landing pages can also be created if you need even more room to explain your freebie or newsletter to potential customers. Take a look at some of the landing page layouts that ConvertKit has to offer.

Although the landing pages don’t have the same level of functionality as landing page software such as LeadPages, they still have some wonderful designs and have the potential to be quite effective at turning site visitors into email subscribers.

Through an integration with the stock picture marketplace Unsplash, the forms and landing pages offered by ConvertKit make it possible for you to access more than 100,000 free stock images.


Although it is not the least expensive email marketing software available, I found that the high level of quality, the intuitive interface, and the availability of free training made the investment worthwhile for me.

In addition, it has high deliverability and an open rate, which means that the emails you labored so hard to make will actually be viewed by the subscribers you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ConvertKit available without cost?

A credit card is not required to join up for a ConvertKit Free account. You can continue on the Free plan for as long as you want as long as you manage less than 1,000 subscribers and don’t need access to any of the features included in the Creator or Creator Pro plans.

Who uses ConvertKit?

ConvertKit users are mostly found in the United States and in the Health, Wellness, and Fitness industry. ConvertKit is most commonly used by businesses with 1-10 employees and 0M-1M in revenue.

Does Kajabi work with ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is a service for managing email marketing campaigns that is an email marketing platform. You can design opt-in forms, tag subscribers, set up automation, and send email follow-up messages all with the help of ConvertKit. Establishing a connection between ConvertKit and Kajabi enables you to deliver emails created in ConvertKit to contacts who have opted into your Forms on Kajabi.


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