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Does Kadena have a future?

The Overview of the Kadena Ecosystem

One of the most scalable tier 1 public blockchain networks in the entire globe is Kadena. According to Kadena Network, it can do over 500000 transactions per second. Kadena does not need a layer 2 scaling like other networks, including the Ethereum network, because of the fast transaction speeds. Blockchain is now available to everyone thanks to Kadena. As an ecosystem, Kadena offers smart contracts, unmatched throughput, almost free gas, and security for Bitcoin. The Pact Smart Contract Language’s functionality and scalability are enhanced by Kadena. Pact can automatically find problems and is also readable by non-developers.

Kadena Overview

Ticker SymbolKDA
Price Change 24H+2.01%
Price Change 7D-3.87%
Market Cap$369,506,360
Circulating Supply184,802,448 KDA
Trading Volume$16,677,723
All Time High$28.25
All Time Low$0.1213
Kadena ROI+300.16%

Unique Features and Services of Kadena

Kadena differs from other blockchain service providers and smart contract vendors in that it addresses the key issues facing the cryptocurrency market, including privacy, security, transaction speed, high throughput, and accuracy, as well as the technical knowledge required for regular users to access the ecosystem. Co-founding the platform with other industry leaders in the blockchain space. Along with Will Martino, the co-founder and president of Kadena, Stuart Popejoy served as the previous head of JP Morgan’s newly formed blockchain business. He served as the SEC’s cryptocurrency steering committee’s tech lead.

Smart contracts are self-executing agreements between two parties that have specified terms and conditions. Most smart contracts, including those on Ethereum, do not need gas. The contracts execute as intended and are not within the user’s control once they are deployed into the network. However, the user may easily create smart contracts by using the Kadena smart contract supported by Pact. The contract is significantly secure than other smart contracts since users may write it or launch it on the fifty-first dApp.

Free transactions: Kadena will opt to launch the world’s first cryptocurrency gas station, charging no costs to users. This action may result in dApps becoming widely used. Energy-efficient transactions per second may be increased because to Kadena’s distinctive architecture.

Blockchain technology: The only shared, scalable tier 1 Proof of Work network in operation right now is Kadena’s public blockchain network. Scalability and throughput are made possible by combining several blockchains, such as Bitcoin. They developed a live network extension from 10 chains to 20 chains to handle increased network demand. Kadena is unable to exceed the throughput ceiling due to the multichain design. The only Proof of Work platform that can scale to settle 9+ million transaction executions is Kadena.

DeFi and NFT payments: Pact gives the system flexibility and security. Kuro Layer 2 technology enables speedier payment via serial and fractional NFTs. The Kadena chain relay bridge efficiently completes cross-chain transfers that are untrusted, decentralised, and frictionless. Code level, account management level, and defining strategic direction for important community projects are the three levels at which Pact is managed. The webpage has all of this information.

The Overview of Kadena (KDA) Token

The Kadena platform’s own cryptocurrency, KDA, is used to pay for the services offered by Kadena. One billion tokens will be mined in total during a 120-year period. 70% of the budget is set up for miners, 20% for suppliers, 7% for investors, and the remaining 40% is for contributors. Allocation and timetables for tokens are made to be sustainable. Kadena is produced by mining, and there are three uses for current currencies. Incentives for each block are used as an incentive for mining, and these rewards will steadily diminish over time. The economy now has 990 million Kadena coins, which equals 1 billion coins released minus 10 million coins burnt at launch.

According to data from January 2021, there are 98.8 million Kadena coins in circulation right now. However, the ecosystem still has 10.8 million unpublished Kadena coins.

Direct transfers between users are possible.
remuneration for establishing a new smart contract.
paying for the gas necessary to carry out a smart contract.
Kadena KDA includes a wrapper version called WKDA that enables it to function on the Ethereum network and will allow it to communicate with DeFi protocols that are EVM compliant. To achieve interoperability and integration inside the network, the network has worked with CELO, COSMOS, CoinMetro, Flex, Ledger, Polkadot, Terra, WRAPPED, and Zelcore.

Kadena Technical Analysis

In recent weeks, the price of Kadena (KDA) has risen, resulting in higher highs on the daily chart. The current price movement in Kadena may be attributed to the recent release of Wrapped Kadena currency on the Ethereum network, the distribution of non-fungible tokens, and the new listing.

The current Kadena fare is $7.05. With a circulating supply of 171,287,601 KDA and a 24 hour trading volume of $72,173,208.43, Kadena now has a market cap of $1,204,811,363.58. In November 2021, the price of Kadena reached an all-time high of $28.25, and in January 2021, it reached an all-time low of $0.1213.

The daily chart’s historical data demonstrates how little there is in terms of value between Kadena KDA’s starting and closing prices. Up to October 17, 2021, Kadena was trading in a positive momentum and sideways trend. The price of Kadena began to rise in the second week of October 2021. In the final week of October 2021, the price of Kadena KDA took a break and continued to rise until it reached an all-time high. Market information reveals that traders began adding KDA cryptos to their portfolios. Then, in November 2021, there was a significant price increase, but ultimately, it began to decline. A little uptick occurred in December 2021.

Then the price increased once again, but there was a decline after that, and since mid-February 2022, price volatility has been noticed.

Within the next two to three days, it is possible that the price of Kadena may decline; the closest support levels are set around $5.190. Any decrease in value below this is a sell Kadena signal. The price of Kadena has a $10.549 resistance.

The most important technical indications are indifferent. The RSI is in a neutral zone at 59.17. The signal line has been crossed by the MACD line, indicating recovery. The average price of Kadena is trading above both its 20 and 50 exponential moving averages, according to technical analysis based on EMA. Forecasts suggest that the price of Kadena will decline in the near future; beyond that, the price may represent long-term profit potential. Price volatility has been seen from the first of 2022.

Kadena Price Predictions: 2022-2026

According to historical statistics, the price of Kadena may surpass expectations for 2021 and set new records. In contrast to money market instruments and fiat currencies, the future forecasting system is more optimistic about digital assets. Institutional investors as well as individual investors are seeking for lucrative cryptocurrency investments in the future.

Kadena (KDA) Price Prediction 2022

According to our KDA projection, Kadena’s price will reach a maximum of $9.95 in a year. Kadena KDA’s typical cost is about $9.25. Users should invest now to increase their total portfolio growth and make big rewards.

Kadena Price Predictions 2023

According to the Kadena prediction, the price may be about $9.34 in 2023. According to the KDA price estimate, Kadena’s worth might increase to a maximum of $11.06 by 2023. If invested at the present price levels, it will, according to the Kadena projection, be a lucrative investment option in the future.

2024 Kadena Price Prediction

By purchasing Kadena, investors may expect a huge return because the price is predicted to be around $12.04 by the end of 2024. The average price for the year according to the Kadena coin price prediction is $10.61.

Price Prediction for Kadena (KDA) in 2025

By the end of 2025, it will reach $13.63. Investors in Kadena are expected to receive a return of up to $14.54 in 2025, or more than double the present value, according to traders. The 2025 estimates from Kadena KDA are rather positive.

Kadena Price Prediction 2026

According to our cryptocurrency estimate, a market correction is anticipated in 2026, and the price of Kadena is anticipated to be at a minimum of $11.48. With an average price of $12.77 and a maximum price of $13.84, the Kadena pricing is now lower than the year 2025.


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