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why I choose Kyber Network Crystal v2 (KNC)


A decentralised cryptocurrency exchange is called Kyber Network. Users are able to buy and trade cryptocurrencies right from their digital wallets thanks to this. Victor Tran, Yaron Velner, and Loi Luu launched the business in 2017. Kyber Network Crystal is a native token used by Kyber (KNC). KNC serves as a go-between for users and partners of Kyber Network.


The Ethereum platform is used to run the cryptocurrency Kyber Network Crystal v2 (KNC). With a total supply of 221,561,437 KNC, Kyber Network Crystal v2 has a current Coinmarketcap of $361,059,074.

As of right now, the Kyber Network Crystal v2 is ranked #126 in terms of the total market cap for the entire sector. It has also been identified as a token that is among the top 100 cryptocurrencies on, ranked by trading volume over the previous 24 hours.

The First and Most Liquid Platform for Instantly Swapping and Trading Crypto Tokens

The first completely decentralised exchange that enables immediate exchange and conversion of digital assets is called Kyber Network. Users of the platform can instantaneously trade any token with no registration or deposits thanks to smart contracts. It differs from other exchanges in that it lacks a central operator or bank and aims to improve the efficiency of the exchange process for all parties interested in cryptocurrency trading.

KNC serves as an on-chain liquidity protocol that collects reserve liquidity from many sources, including decentralised exchanges, payment systems, and other financial institutions. It makes use of an innovative mechanism that rewards reserves for providing liquidity for other people’s trades, allowing them to profit from each transaction performed on the network. This helps keep costs low while also enticing large reserves to sign up in order to take part in this profit-sharing model (thereby increasing overall liquidity).

Ultra-secure decentralized network, instant transfer, 24/7 liquidity and complete transparency.

Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) is a trustless, decentralized network for instant ERC20 token swaps. Kyber has been able to offer a vast number of token pairs and it’s also extremely easy to use.

Kyber provides liquidity on demand and allows users to achieve near-instant transfers with low fees. The exchange can be used by anyone with an Ethereum address, meaning that it’s highly liquid. It also has 24/7 support and transparency so you know exactly what your funds are being used for when they’re transferred into the Kyber Network Crystal (KNC).

Kyber Network is Easy to Use and Secure

A user-friendly, straightforward, and secure platform is Kyber Network. It is also secretive and unreliable. The team behind Kyber Network has done all necessary to make sure that the system is totally exposed to users’ observation.

You won’t have to worry about dealing with any bureaucratic procedures or red tape that can impede your network activities because the platform is open to everyone in the world and does not impose any KYC requirements.

The Kyber Network has no transaction fees, making it one of the most practical platforms available. This also implies that there are no costs associated with using it as a wallet service provider or a custodian for your money.

Low Slippage

The price differential at which you join and exit a trade is known as slippage. It is, in other words, a trade expense. Low slippage indicates that you will close your trade at a price that is quite similar to the one you began it at. Due to inaccurate pricing or volatile markets, it aids traders in avoiding losing money on their bets. Due to high slippage rates, traders can trade back and forth for hours without having to withdraw any money from their accounts, saving them time and effort because they don’t have to constantly adjust their prices every five minutes just because something happened to prevent them from losing too much while still having the opportunity to make some profits — depending on the market.

By establishing an incentive system where good behaviour is rewarded with more rewards than poor behaviour, Kyber Network Crystal v2 does this (for example, someone who keeps his/her orders open longer than others would get paid more).

Low Fees for Miners and Users

Cryptocurrency Kyber Network Crystal v2 offers minimal fees for both users and miners. The first thing to keep in mind regarding KNC is that there is no minimum cost, allowing users to choose their own fee for any transaction. For instance, you can set the cost to be $0.04 instead than paying 0.01% as on other platforms like Binance or Coinbase Pro if you wish to purchase one KNC for $0.05. (or even less).

This lack of fixed costs isn’t just applicable to purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies; exchanges also profit from variable pricing models because they may compete with one another by providing lower rates than rivals do. I’m sure the majority of people would agree that this is advantageous!

Additionally, there is no commission fee, so even though using certain services like KYC checks (Know Your Customer) may have some costs attached to them, they won’t necessarily have an impact on what products or services are available online because businesses need revenue sources in order to function.

to continue operating profitably without excessive up-front fees (which could cause customers not wanting anything at all).


A decentralised exchange needs security, which is crucial. Without security, you risk being hacked and losing all of your money. Because of this, we must ensure that trading on Kyber Network Crystal v2 has the least amount of risk feasible (KNC).

Kyber Network is a decentralised exchange powered by Ethereum that enables fast cryptocurrency conversion and payment services. The network leverages reserves to trade cryptocurrency tokens without requiring users to fund their accounts or make deposits to their platform in order to execute trades.

Transparency & Openness

The network’s key values include openness and transparency. There are no hidden fees or expenses because the blockchain is open source and you can view every transaction. Anyone who wants to develop decentralised exchanges or other apps using the protocol is free to do so. This means that since the network has no permissions, you are free to use it if you wish to be a part of the Kyber Network Crystal v2 (KNC)!

No KYC Required

You don’t need to supply KYC (Know Your Customer) information in order to trade on the exchange, which is the first and most evident benefit. Providing your personal information in order to take part in an ICO may seem insignificant, but for many people, it may be a huge turnoff. The Kyber Network Crystal v2 may be the greatest solution right now if privacy or anonymity are issues for you.

The second benefit is that KNC tokens are incredibly cost-effective when used as payment on this platform due to their extremely cheap transaction fees when compared to other cryptocurrencies. They are far less expensive than other platforms like Binance or Kucoin where some coins charge up to 5% in transaction fees, with a range of 0.1% to 1% for transaction costs. There is also no mediator involved in these deals because all transactions are carried out directly between users using smart contracts, therefore no additional fees will ever be levied on top of what has already been agreed upon between buyers and sellers.


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