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I won 5 million in Macau casinos and stopped playing. Do you know the consequences?

Gaming in Macau is formal and legal. Casinos have one-stop professional services. The money won is legal money. Many people worry about how to bring this money back. In fact, many casinos now provide one-stop services and are responsible for helping. Pay the tax, then convert it into RMB according to the exchange rate of the day and then directly transfer it to the bank card.

In some gambling movies, we can often see that some people who win a few million will be controlled by the casino people and cannot easily take money away from the casino.

This is not the case in Macau. Casinos are legal and compliant.

There are more than 40 casinos in Macau. Some people win and some lose. This is a very normal thing.

If the gambler loses the gambling, the casino can make money. If the gambler wins 5 million, the 5 million is a trivial matter to the casino.

It also plays a role in promoting the casino. Those gamblers who know that they can win in this casino will rush to this casino to gamble.

However, generally those who can win 5 million are big gamblers, and casinos generally provide special private rooms for these gamblers.

Many of these gamblers won millions or tens of millions overnight, and many gamblers lost overnight and went bankrupt.

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Winning 5 million is not because the security staff will not let you go, but because you don’t want to leave.

People entering the casino and outside the casino are two different states. In the casino, it is another world, where there are drunken fans, people forget the troubles of life.

In the casino, people’s humanity is being tested, and the greed that is suppressed by people is released in an instant. It is difficult to stay awake and unable to be self-conscious.

Especially if you win a gambling, your life will float. There is the most professional service in the casino. A lot of banknotes make people itch. You can feel your omnipotence here, so many people can’t control it if they win. I feel that my luck has come after winning the bet, and I can do everything.

In this atmosphere, even if they win 5 million, gamblers go back to the hotel and many people can’t help but continue to gamble the next day. People can’t always guarantee that they will always win, and the 5 million may return to the casino in an instant. In his pocket, he may lose tens of millions in the end, or he may go bankrupt.

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The main income of the casino comes from the gamblers. The gamblers have the psychology of the gambler, and this psychology allows the gamblers to gamble continuously.

There is also a profession in the casino called Stacked Horse, which is an industry derived from the casino.

And these stacked horses are floating between the casino and the gamblers.

These winning gamblers are the customers of Folding Horse. They will try every means to persuade these people to come to the casino to continue gambling until the end of the game and the wealth is gone.

“Ma Ge is a city” is a novel about casinos.

It tells the story of a folding horse and a gambler. The folding horse inside is a female.

It accommodates all kinds of human nature, life styles, and countless tragic stories are constantly staged.

The person who is the least likely to be a gambler, an art sculptor, has become a crazy gambler, unable to extricate himself from it.

Gambling is like a carving knife, carving the truest nature of a person naked.

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In these casinos, only the croupiers are the most sober. They see the world in the gambling table, and they also see the greed of human nature.

Human greed completely tore the fig leaf during the gambling, and revealed it completely.

Some people seek excitement in the casino, some seek wealth in the casino, some seek recognition in the casino, countless people rush to the casino, and how many people leave unharmed and reap the fruits.

If I lose, I want to win it back. If I win, I can’t control the gambler’s psychology. I continue to increase the amount.

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As far as I know, you won 5 million in Macau casinos. As long as you can restrain the desire to win, you can take the money away, and even ask the casino owner to send someone to protect you or escort you to a safe place.

As the saying goes, “Small gambling makes you happy, but big gambling hurts the body.” Gambling, as an indispensable entertainment in human life, cannot be completely eliminated even if it is banned. The earliest history of gambling can be traced back to 3000 BC. In ancient times, the ancestors of Egypt had learned to use dice for entertainment. In modern times, various gambling methods have emerged one after another, and the audience of gambling is also growing.Macau casino

To say that the most famous “casino”, in addition to Las Vegas in the United States, is the “Macau” in the mainland. Macau is the largest casino in Asia and a world-famous casino. There are no other industries in the entire city, all of which is the hotel industry. And the gaming industry. When you arrive in Macau, there is basically nothing else you can do. You can only take a gamble. If you are lucky, you can win a little bit, but most of them lose their money. If God opens his eyes and wins 5 million in Macau, he closes immediately, can he bring the money back?

If someone wins five million in a Macau casino and suddenly stops playing, what will happen? Will it be like in the movie that the casino sends an internal security guard to beat you or even kill you for money? In fact, the clips in the movie are deceptive, just to win the audience’s attention. In real life, such things must not happen. In fact, contrary to many people’s imagination, the casino is not afraid of you winning more, but you are not coming. .

The more you win, they will protect you better. As long as you are in the casino, your personal safety and property safety will be ensured. If you win 10 million, you can even apply to the casino to arrange a special bodyguard escort. Provide you with a helicopter to take you to a safe place . So why is this? Don’t casinos make money anymore?

Generally speaking, such a probability does not exist. If you really win 5 million in the casino, the owner of the casino will personally entertain him, and then offer the presidential suite for the winner to use for free. Under such a treat, the winner will not want to leave and will continue to gamble. The final result is a full offer.

Of course, if the winner has enough self-control and resolutely stops betting, no one will force you to gamble, and all the money you win will naturally go to you. It is also possible to take away 5 million, but some necessary procedures must be done. After all, no casino can come up with 5 million cash at a time. After all, casinos do not have so many safes to store cash. All, everything must be achieved through bank transfer.

And once you win the money, it is difficult to control yourself, and you will have the idea to continue, so that there will always be a time when you lose. And casinos don’t have to worry. They make money if you win, and you make more money if you lose. It’s just how much money you make. After you win, your reputation will spread. Everyone knows that you have made a lot of profits in this casino. Naturally, more people will come in, and the casino will naturally make more profits. Naturally, such a “money tree” should be well protected. If you won’t let it go, how can anyone come to play?

But if you come to play outside, it is impossible to take all this cash home. The local government of Macau has expressly stipulated that the amount of foreign currency taken away cannot exceed US$5,000. In addition, Macau stipulates that after acquiring a huge amount of property, it is necessary to pay about 2 million income taxes to the local government. So once this amount is exceeded, you can choose to pay the tax, deposit the money in the card, and then return to the place where you are and withdraw it.

As for what the sturdy security guards in the casino do, their job is to prevent people from making disturbances, taking pictures and doing tricks. In short, as long as you don’t touch the red line of the casino, you are absolutely safe inside , but you won’t be clear when you go outside. And everyone who can open a casino is a bigwig with a net worth of tens of billions, and a bet is worth hundreds of millions. They don’t look down on your little money.

Many people think that they can resist temptation in the face of interest, but these are just self-righteousness before they make a profit. Many people with strong self-control ability fall in front of temptation. For example, the famous Asian gambling king Yao Jianyun, who won 5 million overnight, was bankrupt in the end. This is also the phrase “small gambling to please one’s feelings, big gambling hurts one’s health, not to bet is to win”.


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