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Which is the true universal suffrage winner for Google Play’s 2019 best game and app?

Google Play announced the best apps and games in 2019. This year, in addition to the best Android apps and games of the year professionally recommended by Google, there are also the most popular awards voted by the public. Below is a list of the 2019 winners of each award.

Google Play’s 2019 Best of Android rankings, featuring the most popular apps in the 2019 Most Popular Awards, the most popular app games, and Google’s professionally recommended Best Apps of 2019 rankings Among them, the Best App of the Year, the Best Life Helper App of the Year, the Best Self-improvement App of the Year, the Most Potential App of the Year and the Most Entertaining App of the Year; in addition, the 2019 Best Game Rankings are also listed respectively. There are several categories of awards such as the best game of the year, the best battle game of the year, the best independent production game of the year, the best casual game of the year and the most innovative game of the year.

Like a major radio station’s “My Favorite” series of awards, the “2019 Most Popular Apps” voted by Hong Kong netizens is of course the most reflective of public opinion. Among them, “Octopus”, “Yahoo Member Offers” and “Backpacker Inn Travel Forum” emerged from the shortlist and became the most popular apps on Google Play in 2019.

In addition to the “2019 Most Popular Apps”, the “2019 Most Popular Games” were also voted by Hong Kong netizens. Among them, the multiplayer first-person shooter “Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena”, the mobile version of Mario Kart Tour “Mario Kart Tour” and the racing game “Garena Speed ​​Field” became the most popular Android users in Hong Kong in 2019 mobile game.

“SleepTown” can be said to be a Digital Well-being App that Shizheng has developed in recent years. It is played in a similar way to a simulation game, allowing everyone to rest while building houses in Apps, encouraging everyone to complete their rest goals and no longer become Cell phone prisoner.

Game of the Year 2019: ArcHero Bow and Arrow

ArcHero Legend of Bow and Arrow” won the best game of the year can be described as a result with a lot of upset elements, considering that this year’s multiplayer online game “Call of Duty”, Mario Kart mobile version “Mario Kart Tour” and other popular works The launch of , Google has selected a flat 2D version of the shooting game as the best of the year, must have its fun.

Best Life Helper Apps of 2019

A total of 5 Apps won the “Best Life Helper App of 2019” award, including “Fitness RPG – Walking RPG Game”, which turns walking into a game, “Octopus”, an e-wallet app, and “Plant Nanny²”, a game that encourages everyone to drink more water Plant Nanny² – Drink Water to Build an App”, “SleepTown” for digital health, and “Yahoo Member Offers” for shopping and consumption discounts.

Best Self-Improvement Apps of 2019

As for the Apps that won the “Best Self-improvement App in 2019”, there are 4 Apps, including “DotHabit – Management Habits, Goals, Daily Work” for work goals and life management, and “Plank Support: Free” for tablet Plank exercise management 30-day plank support exercise challenge”, “Scripts Learning to Write” for learning multi-language writing, and “Intelligent Baduanjin” for practicing Wudang Baduanjin.

Most Promising Apps of 2019

“2019 Most Potential Apps” has a total of 5 Apps winners, all of which are newly launched but full of potential Apps, including “AsiaYo – Asia B&B & Hotel Accommodation Reservation Discount”, “Backpack Inn Travel Forum”, ” 3D – Make Ceramics Made Easy”, “Stapps: The First Non-Intermediate Tutor, Home Tutor, Tutor, DSE Teacher Must-Have” and “Women are my biggest”.

Most Entertaining Apps of 2019

A total of 5 Apps won the “Most Entertainment App of 2019”, including photo editing, video, and music apps, including “Enlight Pixaloop”, “Groovepad – Music and Rhythm Maker”, “My Talking Pet Me” Talking Pet”, “Color by Numbers – Free Coloring Book & Puzzle Game” and “Play Mixiu – Easy Video Editing Artifact”.

Best Battle Game of 2019

“Best Battle Game of 2019” includes 5 popular apps this year, including “Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena”, “Dragon Fantasy”, “Tomorrow After – Apocalypse Survival Mobile Game”, “Garena Speed ​​Field” And “Saint Seiya: Awakening”.

Best Indie Game of 2019

“Best Indie Game of 2019” includes 5 works, all of which are not produced by major game companies. Among them are works by Hong Kong independent game production companies, including “123 Prize Knowledge – Answer Questions to Win Rewards”, “Art Tycoon – Everyday Auctions” Become Rich”, “Free Bird of GB”, “Dark Chef” and “Tacticool – 5v5 Shooting Game”.

Best Casual Games of 2019

“Best Casual Games of 2019” includes 5 simple and easy-to-play games in the light food category, including “BTS WORLD”, “Mario Kart Tour”, “Mr. Bullet – Spy Puzzle”, “Layered Ball – Penetrate Platform” And “Tom Cat Hero Parkour”.

Most Innovative Game of 2019

“Most Innovative Games of 2019” includes 5 games that Google believes are innovative in gameplay and change the traditional game mode, including “ArcHero”, “Brawl Stars”, “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”, The Endless Urala and Pokémon Masters.


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