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My phone is stuck on a flashing apple logo after battery replacement.

I recently replaced the battery in my iPhone 12. I followed all of the procedures and everything seemed to work great except for a minor issue with removing the old battery, which I ultimately got out.

I replaced the old battery with a fresh new one, reattached the small black connector, and put everything back in place.

When I tried to switch it on, it didn’t work. So I plugged it in and the Apple logo appeared. Then it vanished. Then it returned, and so forth.

I waited a few moments and it still didn’t boot up, then I hooked it into my computer. It appeared as an unfamiliar iPhone and instructed me to restore it. So I tried to restore it and received an error indicating it couldn’t be done. (error #2001)

I tried a couple different things, such as pressing the power and home buttons, but it never turned on. I chose to “‘replace the old battery after that, and aside from the restore I had to perform, which caused me to lose a few items because I hadn’t backed up my iPhone in a while, the iPhone booted back up.

Now I want to know what’s wrong; I suspect the battery is bad, but I’m not sure. My old battery is in horrible shape, and I can barely get a day’s use out of it if I use it sparingly.

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