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The best iPad Pro keyboard cases

Every year, Apple improves its tablet game by launching new iPad Pro models, the most recent of which are the 2021 iPad Pro 12.9 and 11-inch variants. Along with them is a selection of keyboards that are compatible with Apple’s tablet lineup. While some iPad Pro keyboards also serve as protective covers, others are more concerned with typing performance. This dual benefit has encouraged more users to utilise their iPads as a laptop replacement rather than as a leisure or watching device.

Who needs a keyboard case?

Anyone who actively dislikes tap-typing onscreen will appreciate the convenience and comfort of a keyboard case. It helps you type quickly and accurately on your lap, as you do with a laptop, and it’s especially useful if you type often. When your keyboard doubles as a cover, you always have it with you. If you prefer a keyboard for your iPad, consider the trade-off between a keyboard case’s extra bulk and weight against the typing experience and the extra expense. A Keyboard Case iPad Pro 12.9 inch 4th Gen 2020  should not be too big or small, with keys that comfortably travel and without weird, unconventional layouts. Please note that keyboard cases are specific to iPad models and that the expense of a keyboard case may not be transferrable to a new iPad you buy in the future.

A keyboard case should not be too big or too tiny, with keys that travel pleasantly and no strange or unusual layouts. Please keep in mind that keyboard cases are model specific and that the cost of a keyboard case may not be transferable to a new iPad you purchase in the future.

When deciding on a keyboard case, consider features such as iPad function keys such as Spotlight search, brightness, home, different angle possibilities, a simple on-off design, the ability to detach it from the cover when not in use, and extended battery life. An Apple Pencil holder would also be a nice addition.

If you acquired a new 2021 iPad Pro 12.9-inch model, Apple advises purchasing the fifth-generation keyboard case. According to Apple, the extra 0.5mm thickness can prohibit the previous-generation Magic Keyboard from fully shutting.

Although the third and fourth generation iPad Pro 12.9-inch models, as well as the first and second generation 11-inch Pro models, have the same overall dimensions, some dealers claim that the 2020 keyboard case covers will fit the same sized 2018 and 2020 devices. Be warned that the dual-camera array on the 2020 iPad Pros differs from the 2018 versions, which means that the same size and older cases will not fit the new cameras on the 2020 models.


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