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Remote Developers or Onsite Developers? Which One You Should Hire

For decades many of us have been familiar with a way of working. That way of working is to go to an office, work on a dedicated workspace and then come back home. But in this era, thanks to digitalization, everything is changing rapidly.

Businesses around the globe are now incorporating a working model known as remote working. Software Defined Perimeter Remote working has its perks for employees and employers. It is going popularity and acceptance proves that the model is beneficial for the business. 

But there are still many businesses that want to stick with the old traditional method of working. Many in the IT sector have been worrying about data breaches, loss of control, and no accountability. Though these issues are no longer an issue with new technologies and software, they would still prefer to choose the old way of working. 

Nevertheless, as a business owner, you might be wondering which one should you opt for? To help you out, we have given a rundown of a few of the critical aspects of the business. We will let you know how both the models impact these aspects and how they can affect the performance of your business.


Having a productive workforce is a goal of every organization. Every business needs to make sure that its employees are productive. Productivity has a connection with the motivation and the satisfaction level of your employees. 

It is simple to understand that a demotivated and dissatisfied workforce would not yield the results you expect. When it comes to productivity, many studies have proven that remote employees are much more productive. 

This efficiency is due to various reasons, including the fact that the routine of a remote worker does not include hours of commuting. When they arrive at the workplace to start working, they feel fresh and energetic and are eager to start.

On the other hand, onsite employees have lost much of their energy getting to work. They had to go through an extended subway line or stand in a traffic jam. It sucks all of the power out of them. So, when they begin working, they want the day to end and go home.


Communication is an essential pillar that plays a vital role in the success of a business. Ineffective communication would ultimately lead to a failure of the company. Whether it be a remote setting or an office setting, collaboration is the key to ensure that businesses thrive and become successful. 

When working in an onsite location, it is much easier to communicate with your superiors and coworkers. You can walk up to their desks and clear out any questions or queries. Also, you can have meetings where employees can discuss and sort out issues. 

Not just work discussions, but conversations among the employees are also a part of communication. An impromptu conversation with an employee can help reduce stress. Furthermore, it allows your team to bond well with each other. 

In a remote setting, there might be hiccups when it comes to communication, but that can be dealt with with new tools. Skype and Slack have made it much easier for remote team members to communicate with each other. Moreover, you can conduct online sessions or video conferences from time to time.

Though it would not be the same as having face-to-face interaction, it is still a great way to build a strong relationship between remote employees.


It is every business’s primary objective to become much more cost-effective. Companies continuously look for ways to cut back on expenses. And with the help of remote working, they can significantly cut back on costs. Since most of your team would be working remotely, you would not need ample working space. If your entire team is working remotely, you would not need a physical space at all. It will help you get relief from the most significant burden many businesses face, which is rent. 

Many businesses fail as they are unable to pay the rent of the location. But with remote working, you don’t have to worry about paying a considerable amount in rent. Moreover, you can save back on costs that are associated with having an onsite team. You will not have to pay for utility bills, furniture, repair & maintenance, stationery, gadgets, and many other things if you hire an onsite team.


To be more productive, you need to be present at work. But if you are not coming to work, then it affects the progress of the entire organization. And that is the case for many businesses that face the challenge of absenteeism. Companies can often find their workforce being absent due to some issues in an onsite setting. It could be anything much would have an adverse impact on the productivity of the business. Most importantly, if an urgent task is lined up for an employee who gets absent, you would have to find a replacement for them. 

It would result in adding more burden and pressure on your workforce. Ultimately, it would lead to demotivation and delay in some urgent tasks. But with remote working, employees can now sort out their matters and come back to work again. It could be going to their children’s parent-teacher meeting or visiting their parents. They can take a few hours off instead of the whole day and then come to work again.

Furthermore, if they are sick, they can work from home. Many employees would prefer working from home when they are sick. That means you would see a reduction in sick absentees.

Labor Turnover

And finally, the last main issue for every business labor turnover. Many people leaving their jobs is due to reasons of demotivation or dissatisfaction. It is something pretty standard in an onsite setting. People usually choose another job due to the toxic environment and office politics. 

Businesses with higher labor turnover find themselves stuck in a loop of finding the right people. It ultimately affects the entire performance of the company. 

In a remote setting, it is much easier to retain your employees. Since remote employees are much more motivated and satisfied, it is doubtful they will look for another job. Furthermore, they don’t have to deal with gossip or office politics which means they would be happy to stick with their current position.


Now that you have gone through the entire article, you would know which one you should choose. If you go by the comparison done in this article, you will see that remote working outweighs the onsite working model. And with time, many businesses would be adopting remote working due to its numerous benefits. With the help of the internet, you can instantly hire remote team without any issues

So, if you still haven’t incorporated remote working in your business model, it is time you start thinking about it. And if you are struggling with it, you can always take the help of a remote agency. There are many remote agencies out there that can help you build an agile and robust remote team in no time.


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