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Top Blox Fruits PvP Techniques

We asked a seasoned Blox Fruits player with a max 30 million bounty for their PvP strategies. In this guide, we will share some proven techniques that have helped them achieve success in the game.

In this guide, some proven techniques will be shared to help players improve their PvP skills.

For Basic PvP (Under 2.5m Bounty / Not Third Sea)

One effective tactic for basic PvP is to bait the opponent into attacking and unleash a flurry of rapid moves, also known as “spamming.” Once they back away, players can charge in with close-range attacks and finish with a strong move. Players must also move constantly, dodge incoming attacks and utilize Observation Haki (Instinct) to anticipate enemy moves.

For Medium-Level PvP (Above 2.5m Bounty/ Level 2000+)

Against more skilled opponents, it’s best not to charge head-on. Instead, players should strafe around them and dodge their moves while carefully timing their own attacks. Using moves strategically, without wasting them, is also important. Players can also practice their aim and agility by targeting NPCs and breakable objects with ranged attacks. Advanced strategies such as air camping, sea camping, boss camping, and teaming can be valuable tools at this level.

For Advanced PvP (Above 10m Bounty and Max Level)

Ken Trick is one critical technique for advanced PvP, which involves keeping Observation Haki (Ken/Instinct) off during the fight and only turning it on when hit by a long-lasting combo. This reduces the damage and gives players a chance to escape. Combos are powerful tools in PvP, and stun swords such as the Soul Cane or high-damaging guns like the Soul Guitar or Acidum Rifle can be used to execute them. Fruits such as the Dough Fruit or Leopard Fruit or focusing on gun-based gameplay can also be highly effective for bounty hunters. If you want to get good PvP fruits, use a Blox Fruits Values list to help make the most of your trading.

In conclusion, by utilizing these strategies, players can enhance their PvP skills in Blox Fruits and take their gameplay to the next level. It’s important to remember that the game is constantly evolving, and new techniques and strategies may emerge over time. Players must stay informed and practice regularly to stay ahead of the competition and become a formidable force in the world of Blox Fruits.


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