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What is Convex Finance (CVX)? Complete set of CVX cryptocurrency

What is Convex Finance?

Convex Finance is a platform designed to boost Stake users’ earnings or offer liquidity for CRV, the currency used by Curve. The CRV locking method as well as staking on Curve will be made simpler by Convex Finance.

Highlights of Convex Finance (CVX)

Curve, one of the oldest AMMs, will have a better user experience thanks to Convex Finance because it has many new features. Convex Finance can offer a variety of services for:

Providers of liquidity:

Convex Finance will automatically stake for higher payouts when Curve LP tokens are deposited there.

Get prizes in CRV and other tokens (SNX, PNT, BOR, LDO, etc.) as well.

Rewards are occasionally transferred from the Curve gauge to the Synthetix-inspired Reward contract, where they are held for seven days before being released.

Simple addition and withdrawal of liquidity without additional deposit or withdrawal fees

based on the CRV the user receives, obtain the CVX token from Convex.

the CRV Stakers

Receiving cvxCRV and sending CRV to Convex will both result in permanent locking.

Payment into the Reward contract of cvxCRV (can be withdrawn at any time).

Profit from the CRV bonus in part.

You will be charged the same transaction fees as if you were a veCRV owner.

Even though it is permanently locked, you can exchange it in Pool cvxCRV/CRV if you want to go back to CRV.

based on the CRV the user receives, obtain the CVX token from Convex.

Stakers for CVX:

Stake CVX to get cvxCRV, which is the platform’s form of transaction fees.

But despite being only recently introduced, Convex’s TVL has expanded quickly. Convex’s TVL is currently $3.15 billion, placing it 11th on, demonstrating the enormous user base Curve has and the need for a location to boost revenues.

Additionally, 16% of the farm reward from CRV will be removed and distributed in the form of CRV in the manner described below:

For cvxCRV, 10%

For CVX Stakers, 5%

1% of the gas price is refunded for services rendered in collecting and distributing incentives under reward contracts.

Information about CVX Token

Key Metrics Convex

Convex Token is its name.
Symbol: CVX.
Ethereum is a blockchain.

ERC-20 Token Standard

: 0x4e3fbd56cd56c3e72c1403e103b45db9da5b9d2b

Utility-type tokens.

Supply in total: 100,000,000 CVX.

Supply in circulation: 2,997,113 CVX.

CVX Token Distribution

50% in Curve LP Rewards.

25% for liquidity mining.

Team: 10%.

9.7% of the total.

3.3% are investors.

2% through airdrop.

Holders of veCRV: 1%.

1% of holders of veCRVs voted to whitelist Convex.

CVX Token Sale


CVX Token Release Schedule

Unlocked for 4 years, liquidity mining is used to reward users who offer liquidity for the CVX/ETH and cvxCRV/CRV pairs.
Team: One-year vesting.
Treasury: One-year vesting.

Vesting for investors: One year.

CVX Token Use Case

Having said that, holders of CVX can stake their coins to earn platform fees and to encourage users to deposit Curve CRV and LP tokens.

How to earn and own CVX Token

Users can purchase CVX on the exchange or deposit their CRV or LP token from Curve into Convex to acquire CVX.

CVX Token exchange & storage wallet

Instructions for storing CVX on Techtipsnreview Wallet

Since CVX coin is an ERC-20 token, you can store it on Techtipsnreview Wallet by following these easy instructions. Visit this page for a complete list of instructions on how to install and use Techtipsnreview Wallet.

Step 1: Choose Receive from the main menu (Receive).

  1. Type CVX into the search bar.

Step 3 is to copy your CVX wallet address and transmit your CVX tokens to that address.

Trade CVX on Techtipsnreview Wallet

With SushiSwap, you may instantly swap CVX tokens on Techtipsnreview Mobile Wallet:

Step 1: Select SWAP on the Techtipsnreview Wallet’s home screen.

Select SushiSwap in step two.

Step 3: Choose the token to exchange and enter all the required information for the transaction.

Choose tokens from the provided list. You can paste contract Enter and trade as usual with fresh tokens that aren’t yet visible on Techtipsnreview Wallet.

Contract number for CVX: 0x4e3fbd56cd56c3e72c1403e103b45db9d2b

Enter how many tokens you wish to exchange.

Step 4: Gas and slippage (slippage) adjustments based on demand.

Step 5: Review transactions, accept them, and finish the transaction.

Roadmaps & Updates


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